This week's top comic book pulls: Wednesday, June 29

DC Comics is pretty much all second printing this week, so go buy those Rebirth books if you haven't yet. 

Black Panther #3 | Ta-Nehisi Coates | Brian Stelfreeze | $3.99

Our take: Coates is putting a new spin on not only the Black Panther character, but on the entire nation of Wakanda. Wakanda is crumbling from the inside out while T'Challa has lost the trust of not only his people, but possibly himself. It's a beautiful book from the masterful Brian Stelfreeze and Coates, a former MacArthur Genius and National Book Award winner, is putting a splash of zest into the comic book writing world. 

Marvel's take: The Midnight Angels continue the liberation of Wakanda with extreme prejudice, and T'Challa's indecisions could cost him more than just the throne. 

Our review of #2: Comic Review: Black Panther #2 'A Nation Under Our Feet' Part 2

Spider-Man #5 (Miles Morales) | Brian Michael Bendis | Sara Pichelli | $3.99

Our take: An inconsistent series looks to rebound after pulling some punches in #4. (Our review: Comic Review: Spider-Man #4). It's time for Marvel and Bendis to fully embrace the struggles Miles will face both as a hero and person in this series just for the color of his skin. You don't have to make a statement, but ignoring it is just as annoying. The first five issues are in second printing, so yeah. 

Marvel's take: Black Cat makes her move against Spider-Man. (Hopefully more time was spent on the book than the tagline) 

Captain America: Steve Rogers #2 | Nick Spencer | Jesus Saiz | $3.99

Our take: Issue No. 2 follows up one of the more controversial comic books ... ever. I hate to admit it, but hate it or love it, I'm buying it.

We had multiple takes on Issue #1:

 Comic Review: Steve Rogers Captain America #1 (What the?)

Are We Overreacting to Cap's Latest Change?

Counterpoint: Overact to the Captain America content, but leave the threats at home

Marvel's take: 

Spider-Man/Deadpool #6 | Scott Aukerman | Reilly Brown | $3.99

Our take: Those complaining about there being too many Spider-Man or Deadpool titles: 

THIS IS THE ONE THAT MATTERS. THIS IS THE ONE YOU SHOULD READ. It's good character-centric fun with a zany storyline. 

Comic Review: Spider-Man/Deadpool #4 is a Gift from the Nerdy Gods

Marvel's take: Deadpool goes Hollywood! See the M w/the M on the set of his own MOVIE! * And he brings his pal Spidey along, as he has lots of experience selling out! * All-Star Special Issue-written by Scott Aukerman of TV's Comedy Bang Bang! 

Bloodshot Reborn #14 | Jeff Lemire | Mico Suayan | $3.99

Our take and Valiant's: I love the sound of ALL-NEW ARC! ALL-NEW JUMPING-ON POINT! Also, check out these bad ass previews: 

Darth Vader #22 | Kieron Gillen | Salvador Larroca | $3.99

Our take: This series has been fantastic in the bits and pieces I've personally been able to keep up with. Larroca's art has what has stuck with me. 

Marvel's take: Vader takes on Cylo and his cybernetic operatives. * The Executor moves closer to completion in time for its launch. * Meanwhile - the murderbots take on their 'master'. 

East of West #27 | Jonathan Hickman | Nick Dragotta | $3.99

Our take: The art in this book is absolutely gorgeous. The colors, the shadows, the attention to expression and contrast makes it worth it. Pick this bad boy up. I've only read advanced previews, that changes tomorrow by taking a look at the magnificent images inside. 

Image's take: FINDING BABYLON' Death gets closer to finally reuniting with his son.