Cosplay By McCall's: Intrepid and Notched

Cosplay by McCall's has launched two new patterns in their already impressive arsenal that'll appeal to both cosplayers and historical reenactors alike.

The first pattern, Intrepid, is inspired by Norse dress, a female Viking ensemble that features multiple pieces that you can mix and match.  I'm particularly fond of the split-front skirt because I'm overly dramatic and love things that billow out behind me like I'm about to smite a village.  This pattern is deemed Easy, and should be suitable for beginning sewers and pros alike.  The sizes available are 4-14 and 16-26.

The second pattern, Notched, is a Victorian-inspired men's frock coat.  The long lines give an exaggerated, character-esque look that has a distinctively steam-punk flair, but it's definitely one of those patterns that could be altered to suit any number of styles and eras.  This pattern is deemed Intermediate, so you may want to practice on some of the easier patterns (like Intrepid!) before tackling this one.  The size range for this pattern is 38-44 and 46-52.

Both patterns are priced at $18.95, and can be found exclusively through Cosplay by McCall's, so go snatch them up and check out all of the other amazing materials they've provided for us cosplaying types!