WWE Draft: Updates, reaction from SmackDown! Live

The WWE Brand Extension will finally reveal itself 8 p.m. Tuesday, July 19 on the USA Network with SmackDown! Live! 

Not only do we have the draft, but we get a WWE Championship rematch from Monday Night Raw between Dean Ambrose (c) and Droo's close personal friend, Seth Rollins. 

The former members of The Shield put on one heck of a match last night, but were undermined by WWE being too in love with its bad idea. The double pin teaser, it's been done before and it's been done better 1,000 times. 

See below for a rundown on the rules and make sure to refresh the page for updates, analysis, reactions and the inescapable inevitability of me trying to be funny:  

Oh Goddammit, WWE. A four-person announce table? Come on. 

Draft results: 

Raw: Seth Rollins 

SmackDown: Dean Ambrose

Raw: Charlotte 

SmackDown: AJ Styles

Raw: Finn Balor 

-- No real surprises here, at all. I know John Cena isn't the company's future or its top dog, but it's a little shocking to see him not go in the Top 5. I would say that's the only fringe surprise, but a Raw roster with Balor, Rollins and Charlotte, no complaints here. 

I would love to see SmackDown step up and grab Samoa Joe and John Cena as the idea of Joe and AJ in WWE is exciting to imagine. 

John Cena def. Luke Gallows: Weird ending. Anytime the ref just lets four guys not involved with the match in the ring, it's ... weird. 

Back to the WWE Draft: 

Raw: Roman Reigns

SmackDown: John Cena

-- They needed that. I'm a big fan. 

Raw: Brock Lesnar

SmackDown: Randy Orton

Raw: New Day (yes) 

Massive sigh of relief. I was worried that keeping The New Day together made too much sense for WWE. Cena and Randy Orton to SmackDown give them two legitimate all-time stars to go with AJ and Dean. Smart, smart move. It gives the show mainstream name recognition and two guys to fall back on if they get off track. 

Lesnar to Raw only makes sense. You don't put Brock Lesnar on the B Show (unless he demands it). 

Zack Ryder and Darren Young def. Rusev and The Miz

Young taps out The Miz with the Crossface Chickenwing. Are you kidding me? That's awesome. 

Bray Wyatt def. Xavier Woods

They are really teasing the Woods flip from fear. That's about all that happened in this one. I'd expect The Wyatts to get drafted next. 

Raw: Sami Zayn

(Kevin Owens is still out there ...) 

SmackDown: Bray Wyatt

Raw: Sasha Banks

SmackDown: Becky Lynch 

Raw: Jericho

Analysis: I mean, he's on a roll right now and actually has a character again. But, Kevin freaking Owens. I enjoy how fast the actual draft is moving, but we could have done without a couple of these matches to focus more on what people are actually watching for. 

These matches are incarnations of the matches set to take place at Battleground ... in five days. I'm seeing that Y2J immediately complained about being picked behind Zayn, so if they move forward with that feud, all right. 

Zayn needs a bump and to distance himself from KO to develop, and Jericho is rolling right now in that heel role. 

Charlotte and Dana Brooke def. Sasha Banks

Raw: Rusev and Lana (US Champ) 

SmackDown: The Miz and Maryse (IC Champ)

Raw: Kevin Owens

SmackDown: Baron Corbin

Raw: Enzo and Cass

-- Baron Corbin before some of the NXT talent is insulting to fans who follow the product. That's all. Enzo and Cass are perfect for Raw. Three-hour show, not only can they entertain with a great match but they are kings of filling time without being boring (also applies to New Day). And you can't teach that. 

This Tweet sums up how I'm feeling about this show in general 70 minutes in:

Y2J def. Cesaro

Great finish to the match. Keep waiting on Cesaro to get an actual character, maybe that happens if he ever gets drafted. 

Raw: The Club

SmackDown: American Alpha (!) from NXT

Raw: Big Show

SmackDown: Dolph Ziggler 

Raw: Nia Jax

-- Droo says put Nia with Sasha, and that's the only way my Smarkiness isn't insulted by freaking Bayley still being on the board. 

Raw: Neville

SmackDown: Nattie

Raw: Cesaro

SmackDown: ADR

Raw: Sheamus 

That's it for the draft. 30 more picks to come on the WWE Network.

Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose (c) for the WWE Championship

Ambrose wins a fun. quick one. He needed that. Really bad.