'Star Trek Beyond:' A perfect mix of action, comedy and awareness

It's been 12 hours since walking out of the movie theater, and I still don't have an answer as to how "Star Trek Beyond" managed to dive deeper into action, acknowledge its previous incarnations as much as it did all without being a clustered mess. 

Not only was it not a clustered mess, but should be looked at as the damn blueprint in how to incorporate action, comedy and drama all into one flick. 

So, take a bow, Simon Pegg. For you not only steal each scene you appear, but you also wrote one hell of a great film. 

Seriously, this movie should feel at home for fans of the franchise and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Captain Kirk, once again played by Chris Pine, finds himself questioning what the hell he really is doing with his life as his birthday approaches. 

It's not just some lame mid-life crisis schtick, as James T. Kirk is about to turn "one year older than his dad ever got to be." A little more than halfway into the Enterprise's crew multi-year journey, its captain finds himself lost, not only in the infinite wonders of space, but within himself. 

All while Kirk is battling these inner-demons, Commander Spock, played by Zachary Quinto, is going through some similar issues. While both rely on each other when stuck in danger, neither confides in each other out of fear of letting the other down. 

It's a masterful play on their relationship and we leave it, after everything that occurs, in classic Kirk and Spock fashion "more or less." 

Justin Lin's Star Trek directorial debut sticks with its episodic nature as the series stays on the same course JJ Abrams set it on back in 2009. Not only does Lin, who is becoming a go-to name in the world of action flicks, keep up with Abrams but he proves once again that he knows how to handle and caress an absolutely loaded cast. 

It never felt like someone got the short end of the stick, was forced into the forefront or didn't fit the tone. From new additions like Idris Elba, swoons, and Sofia Boutella's Jaylah, who was an absolute hilarious blast.

Seriously, Elba gets into his role so well that you almost forget that it's Idris Freaking Elba! That's saying a lot, especially coming from me and the Court of Nerds, for that matter. 

Elba's character is vicious, terrifying, yet compassionate and human. Whether that's the writing or this star's ability, I don't really care because it was a damn joy. He plays an amazing villain, who at times, can steal some compassion from your soul even as he steals the souls of the poor supporting Enterprise members. 

He finds himself enamored with Zoe Saldana's Uhura, who once again portrays the beautifully stunning badass to a T, while holding the rest of the crew hostage. 

While Boutella's Jaylah is a complete badass, she also provides one hell of an awkward comedic sidekick to Montgomery Scott(y). While the plot never needs "picking up," it shifts into overdrive once we meet Jaylah. 

She saves Scott's ass (Pegg) and leads the crew to the longtime missing USS Franklin. That's as spoilery as this review is going to get, and trust me, that ain't giving you much, at all. 

I can't remember a cast that perfectly compliments each other more. Pine and Quinto's chemistry as Kirk and Spock is almost unbelievable, and the same can be said about Quinto and Court of Nerds Idol Karl Urban. 

Seriously, Bones and Spock in this movie will have you shipping so hard. 

Back to what will have a lot of the Trekkies gushing, is how the third-installment of this series honors and acknowledges the Star Trek canon. It's fantastic and does a great job in succeeding where the recently released "Ghostbusters" failed. 

It doesn't clog the story it adds to it. 

The only aspect of this movie that makes you take a step back is Anton Yelchin's Pavel Chekov. While Spock and Bones McCoy are together for most of Beyond, it's Chekov and Kirk who are stranded on the previously unknown planet together. 

He will be missed terribly in this series. He once again nails his role and I really can't even. 

This is a movie I absolutely recommend and will think you will love it to pieces. While others are complaining that the movie stays the course too much and doesn't really go Beyond itself, I say bully to that, because I can't find a substantial complaint. 

Go see it. Enjoy the ride.