Comic Review: Green Arrow #2 (SPOILERS)

Look at that SEXY Neal Adams, Tom Palmer, Alex Sinclair variant.

Look at that SEXY Neal Adams, Tom Palmer, Alex Sinclair variant.

WARNING: If you have not read Green Arrow #1 PLEASE GET YOUR LIFE TOGETHER AND READ THAT BIZ. Then, come back and read this review of #2, because there's some stuff I gotsta talk about that won't make sense without spoiling a lil bit of #1. We cool? Yeah, we cool. 



Oliver Queen is dead, long live Green Arrow.

Benjamin Percy steps on the GAS in issue 2 of Green Arrow by killing off our hero's public persona 2 pages in. Shado and Emi have turned the Emerald Archer into a pea green pincushion with their barrage of arrows, and look to dump the body in a watery grave. After a speech about tears in the rain, it's here that we are introduced to our villainous overlords, The Ninth Circle. 

First, I love the introduction of our big bad here. It is ominous, overbearing and dark as the inside of a goth bedroom at night. I won't lie, I Googled "The Ninth Circle" to see if this was a previous DC crime syndicate. It is not and do not Google that. Holy eff. If Percy is basing our baddies off of these real life horror shows, we are all in for a trip that no one is ready for right now.  

In #2, we also get our first John Diggle moment. It is wonderfully Dig-tastic, and I will leave it at that. Dig's role in this whole thing isn't fully set, but now we know he has a part to play. We also check back in with Black Canary as the news reports of Ollie's death roll out. Dinah is stunning in the Seattle storm.

Which leads me to the next part of this, Otto Schmidt, who is handling art and colors for this title. Can I get Geoff Johns to promise me to let Schmidt do this book forever? As Ollie is literally adrift, dying in a sea of both saltwater and feelings, Schmidt hits you with image after image. But this one.

This one made me wow.

Seriously Otto. Wow. 

Seriously Otto. Wow. 

Look at this image, not just for the obvious things. Yes, the wings and the fishnet patterns are incredible. The coloring is amazing, sure. But look at Ollie here. Look at how flexed his muscles are, because he's holding her so tight. Look at his eyes and eyebrows.

That's bliss y'all.

Otto Schmidt found Oliver Queen's happy place and then poured it out onto one of my favorite splash pages of the year so far. 

There's also a great moment with Ollie wandering the city in a T-shirt that will have hardcore Green Arrow fans freaking out. But you'll have to buy the book to figure it out for yourselves. 

Percy and Schmidt are so synced up on this title. The art, the colors and the story are one cohesive unit that tells you about how even if Oliver Queen dies, loses all his friends and doesn't know where his pretty bird has flown to ... Green Arrow can survive. 


I don't have enough words for this book or even a snarky rating system. Percy and Schmidt broke Oliver Queen so they could rebuild Green Arrow. It's brilliant storytelling. It's phenomenal art. It's a book I look forward to and can't wait to get more of.