Top comic pulls for Wednesday, Aug. 17

Looking for some recommendations on how to spend your hard-earned money Wednesday, Aug. 17? 


Black Hammer #2 $3.99
Written by Jeff Lemire
Art by Dean Ormston

Dark Horse's take: The Golden Age heroes of Spiral City have been 'erased' from existence! Banished years ago to a timeless farming community, the team are torn between accepting their fate and finding a way home! Chapter two focuses on child hero Golden Gail, whose un-aging body most deeply feels the tragedy of their new lives.

Our take: Buy this book. Buy this book. Buy this book. 

Blurb from our 10/10 rated review of #10: Comic Review: Black Hammer #1

Black Hammer No. 1 from Dark Horse Comics isn’t breaking the mold, but it doesn’t have to when it comes to this story centered on a group of heroes “forced” retirement after saving their home world. Everyone they know believes them to be dead, besides one person. Some are stuck in different forms, some are focused on getting home, some are focused on making a home and some are focused on brooding.


Batman #5 $2.99
Written by Tom King
Art by David Finch

DC's take: I Am Gotham' part five. In the final chapter of this epic, is Batman truly the hero Gotham City deserves-or does it deserve better? In this ultimate showdown, where the line between allies and enemies blurs, the question will finally be answered.

Our take: It's Tom King, David Finch is doing some of his best work in years and it's frickin' Jordie Bellaire. Also, we're coming off an abrupt plot jump that could pay huge dividends. 

Nightwing #3 $2.99
Written by Tim Seeley
Art by Javi Fernandez

DC's take: 'Better than Batman' part three! Nightwing and Raptor have become the pride of the Parliament of Owls, successfully completing missions for them across the globe-but Batgirl is not happy. Can she convince Nightwing he's gone too far, or has he fallen too far under Raptor's influence?

Our take: Comic Review: Nightwing #1-2

Green Arrow #5 $2.99
Written by Benjamin Percy
Art by Juan Ferreyra

DC's take: 'The Death and Life of Oliver Queen' part four! Black Canary steps through the deadly gates of Inferno, the global super-villain answer to Fort Knox, to discover the truth behind the destruction of Oliver Queen's life, fortune and reputation. Meanwhile, Seattle's manhunt for the outlaw Green Arrow takes an exhilarating twist when an old frenemy makes an unexpected return. 'The Death and Life of Oliver Queen' part five! It's Green Arrow and Black Canary versus Shado and the Ninth Circle in the belly of the Inferno.

Our take: Oh my goodness, buy this book. It is easily one of our favorite titles from Rebirth and Ben Percy has done a fantastic job bringing back the fan-favorite relationship of Oliver Queen and Black Canary. 

Don't take our word on it, hear it from the man himself: Court Of Nerds Extra - A Growl And A Purr: The Benjamin Percy Interview

Other picks: 

Poe Dameron #5, Green Lanterns #5, Justice League #3, Superman #5, Lumberjanes #29,