Spoilers: Zendaya's major role revealed in 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'

Get out of here if you want to remain free of all "Spider-Man: Homecoming" spoilers."

All right. 

According to mass reports, first from The Wrap, Zendaya, 19, will play the iconic role of Mary Jane Watson. That's right, after years of clamoring for an African-American Spider-Man, we will get a black Mary Jane. 

A lot of people will scream at the sky based on the color of her skin, but I'm just curious how her sassy delivery and heavy influence on Tom Holland's Peter Parker will be portrayed. I'm excited to see the young actress get the chance to play such an iconic role, but like many I know next to nothing about this young actress/singer. 

Before her attachment to Spider-Man, I knew her as that one girl from the Proactiv commercials. 

She was on Disney's "Shake it Up," a movie called "Frenemies" and had a role in "Good Luck Charlie." 

The one positive that can be taken out of this news with mass appeal, is the Marvel picked an actress to mesh with the theme of young, from the beginning, not-so-origin story Peter Parker. 

Give her a shot, webheads. The movie will release in July 2017.