Comic Review: Fwendly Fwuit Winter Wonders

Here at the Court of Nerds we tend to dig deep into the grittiness and underbelly of the DC and Marvel universes, and as you know, we all have are varied opinions on what is good and bad about each one.

So, I wanted to give something else a shot to perhaps ease the tension of the sometimes harsh reality comics can throw at you with a kid’s book.

Mickey Lam the brains behind Fwiendly Fwuit Winter Wonders.

This is a very fun comic that takes place in an alternate Fwuity World following the lead characters of a Bawana (Banana) and Stawberry (Strawberry) on their Wonder Day (Christmas) Adventure. 

I audibly laughed out loud at some of the writing in this book. There is a pretty good jam joke in there, if I do say so myself. Mickey makes this adventure fun for both the kid listening and the adult reading. 

It tells a tale of Wonder day on Fwuity World of a longed armed friend named Kuppy who rides a slug named Sloogie who are lost and looking for their friends who are lost in the desert after playing hide and seek.

The desert is not a safe place. There are monsters and spooky shenanigans. With the help of Stawberry, Bawana and Melon and the Space Melon Wagon. The group goes out to face the dangers of the desert and find their friends. Not to spoil the end but some characters get a big surprise when they get home. That's one bright-eyed Bawana :)

Sometimes in life you just need a cartoon or an ice cream cone or to swing on a swing and in this case, a Fwendly Fwuit adventure to take your mind off things and remember the good in the world.

So, if you have little ones or just feel like being a kid for a while check out this book. I give it the CoN approval!

Rating: 8.5 It's fun for kids. 

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