Comic Review: The Forevers #1

For most who seek fame, it is a temporary state of being. For every Achilles, whose very death immortalized him, there are countless commedia dell'arte prima uomo and donnas who have had their fifteen minutes in the spotlight taken away from them by the next sensation. Fame is like an opioid, the larger the dose the greater the need for more as the buzz begins to fade. To ensure their longevity, what lengths will those addicted to fame go to. How do you make it last forever? 

The Forevers tells a tale about seven individuals who didn't want to let fame fade. They make a black magic pact to give them all the glamour and wealth they could possibly ever want or need. Most never see each other after that fateful night. Most seek their fame and fortune in their own separate way. After a decade the spotlight has become a bit dimmer for all of them. Some seek to reignite their careers. Some seek heaven through their veins. Yet, when one of them dies, it becomes apparent they were sharing the magic amoungst themselves. When that one person dies, each get back a bit more renowned that they once had. Who is the killer? Who will be next?

Say what you really mean.

Curt Pires, whose work on Theremin I greatly enjoyed, has penned an interesting murder mystery inside the world of the ultra-famous. It's gritty, it's vulgar, it contains illustrated depictions of heroin injection, and it is everything dank and dirty about show-business. For something that starts with a magical pact, it seems firmly set in reality. 

Guess what happens next... go on guess.

But it's Eric Pfeiffer's art that really puts this book over the top for me. It is beautifully detailed. It's as if charcoal and oils have come to life. They stop short of that "uncanny valley" of hyper detail that weirds you out (that is what the story is for) but it so good I often find myself wishing I could pet the dog that's on the page.

Whose a good accomplice to murder?

Black Mask Studio's has a winner with this comic. If you haven't picked it up, do so before the second run if you can find it. 

Rating: 9.5/10 Used Syringes