Marvel Puzzle Quest adds new "Luke Cage" brawler

Luke Cage, the absolutely balls-out bonkers amazing-looking Netflix show has Powerman fans all aflutter in their undergarments.

As if they needed any more great press.

If you play D3 Go's awesome Marvel Puzzle Quest for iOS, Android, or PC, you already know the existing Luke Cage 3 Star cover is already a staple among most competitive teams. Together with 3 Star Iron Fist (otherwise known as the most powerful and versatile 3 Star cover in the game), You have a powerful damage-dealer able to tank all but strong abilities. The new, beefed-up Cage coincides with the launch of the show later this month.

Enter the "New" Luke Cage:

His moveset:

8 YELLOW AP: "Hero for Hire" -- Fortifies friendly special tiles and deals damage based on the number of friendly fortified specials on the board. If paired with 3 Star Iron Fist, he also creates a Protect Tile.

0 BLACK AP: "The Defender" -- Passive ability that creates a Protect Tile any time an enemy fires a power. If he's up front, he decreases the effectiveness of enemy special tiles.

13 RED AP: "Buncha Fiddle-Faddle" -- Nuke dealing damage based on the number of enemy special tiles on the board.

First, let's talk Synergy.

4 Star Luke Cage will work really, really well alongside Iron Fist, obviously. Iron Fist's passive "Exquisite Technique" ability, which places Attack Tiles on the board, will be protected with a 8 Yellow AP. Not bad. I'd really like to see how the power evolves as it levels to 5.

"The Defender" will be fun to use alongside Carnage's "Alien Instincts," which places Ally and Enemy attack tiles every time an enemy fires a power. This will immediately mitigate the damage from the enemy attack tiles. I'd also like to see how well he works with Patch (3 Star Wolverine), whose "Berserker Rage" creates both Ally and Enemy strike tiles.

"Buncha Fiddle-Faddle," his Nuke, probably goes straight nutso with damage by 5 stars. Add someone who controls special tiles like (3 Star) Doc Ock, (3 Star) Daredevil, or (2 Star) Moonstone, and you've got a pretty cool combo. The 13 Red AP makes it a little too costly to rely on, especially early-game, so a pairing with someone who creates red tiles (Perhaps 2 Star Magneto or 3 Star Cyclops) is a must. I think Magneto would be the best bet, as you won't run into issues generating enough Yellow to power BOTH "Mutant Revolutionary" and "Hero for Hire."

Marvel's Luke Cage premieres on Netflix September 28th. Keep an eye out for the new Luke Cage cover in MPQ beginning September 22nd.