Comic Review: Deadpool vs. Gambit #4

For a book titled Deadppool vs. Gambit that has virtually no Deadpool in it, and even less Gambit, it's not the worst thing to happen. 

Ben Blacker and Ben Acker write this story that follows around and serves as an origin story for The Scrambler. Hey, he's an interesting character and it's not like they were trying to hide the fact that there was no Deadpool or Gambit in this issue, as it was printed directly on the cover. 

The Scrambler is an interesting enough character to focus in on a little more than usual, but damn, a whole issue? It's going to be off-putting for some, but I can at least respect what Team Ben is trying to do. 

minor spoilers on the horizon


It's when Loki comes into the picture that the plot thickens, so to speak. It makes the shift from our title characters make sense, and turns out to be worth it, story-wise in my opinion. 

The art is different, but I like different. It's got almost a grainy, vintage feel to it. Artist Danilo Beyruth really makes me care. I enjoy his interpretation of Scrambler trying to be a good-hearted family man. It's fun art, it's an interesting story but it's going to be hit or miss. 

Rating:  6.5/10 It's not great, it's not bad. It's exactly fun, but it's not exactly boring. The art is a blast and feels like a quarterback. Oh, and this isn't a spoiler: Deadpool and Gambit are basically not in this issue.