Comic Review: Green Arrow #7

Emiko Queen is a badass. 

Wait, do I have to write more in this review than that? Ugh. Fine.


Ben Percy writes an incredible 14-year-old girl looking for herself in a rain of arrows, intrigue and international mystery. Stephen Byrne draws a phenomenal fight scene with a dragon (yes, an effing dragon, for reals) and does a great job with his own colors. 

The more comics I read, the more I appreciate unique lettering work, especially in "the big two". That's why I gotta give love to Nate Piekos of Blambot. Unique lettering for characters really and situations enhances a book immensely in my eyes. 

Ben Percy continues to build this world around Oliver Queen and while some may complain that this issue of Green Arrow is slightly lacking in ... Green Arrow, I get what he's doing. Percy is building the world around Ollie. He's made me love and understand Emi and through her eyes. 

Stephen Byrne really does an excellent job in this issue. His action sequences are fluid, his facial expressions on Emi are spot on and seriously...

The man draws a badass dragon.  

Plus, this Neal Adams variant I snagged is sweet, with added props to Josh Adams and Tim Shin. 



Percy and Byrne deliver a great story about Emiko Queen. Ollie isn't the only badass Queen on the block.