Top comic book pulls for Wednesday, Sept. 28

Joshua Williamson and Jason Shawn Alexander's Frostbite #1 from Vertigo: 

Williamson has been absolutely killing it during his run on DC's The Flash, so why the hell shouldn't you check out more of his work. This is the first issue of six-issue miniseries. 

From Vertigo: 

"Long after Earth has entered its second ice age, humanity has learned to cope with the frozen elements. In this cold and bleak future, heat is power, and brutal gangs roam the icy wasteland looking for it. If that wasn’t enough, a terrible disease nicknamed “frostbite” is literally freezing people from the inside out. Once you catch it, the effect is instantaneous. There is no immunity, there is no cure.

Until now. Doctor Henry Bonham and his daughter Victoria have found the key to ending frostbite. If they can get from Mexico City to a secret government outpost in Alcatraz, they could stabilize life across the globe. But to do that they’ll need to stay alive. That’s where Keaton comes in. She and her crew have faced worse journeys before, but never with the potential consequences this one poses if they fail."

After this miniseries, let's hope Williamson gives us a little Captain Cold. Sorry, I forgot I was writing a top comic book pull list and not practicing my tight-five at the comedy club. 

Blue Beetle #1 from Keith Giffen and Scott Kollins for DC Comics:

From DC: "Jaime Reyes is back home, but just when he thought he had a grasp on this alter-ego, the Blue Beetle, he discovers everything he believed about his scarab is a lie according to the mysterious Doctor Fate. With dire warnings about the symbiote that is fused to Reyes’ spine, Kent Nelson, the original wielder of Doctor Fate’s power, seemingly on verge of insanity, has he come to save Jaime as he claims...or will he try to eliminate the Blue Beetle, no matter the cost?"

Saga Chapter 38 from Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples for Image Comics: 

Every week this book comes out, you should buy it. It's masterful work that has been hyped to the moon and back, but extremely deservedly so. From Image: 

“THE WAR FOR PHANG,” Part Two. When your babysitter’s a ghost, death is never very far away.

The Flash #7 from Joshua Williamson and Carmine Di Giandomenico for DC Comics: 

Williamson is giving Barry Allen and The Flash, and all of its mythos, the quality it deserves. From the massive one-shot Rebirth to the singular Flash titles, this book has been one hell of a ride. 

Catch up on the last issue with our review: 

Barry's happy-go-lucky, optimistic demeanor is gone, and in its place is this bearded, angry, secluded version of himself. Godspeed has killed some of his underlings, and his newfound love interest has vanished without a trace. 

Williamson is on top of the game right now, and words don't do Di Giandomenico's work justice. 

Other books worth mentioning with links from ComiXology: 

Star Wars #23

Detective Comics  #941 -- continuation of the Night of the Monster Men arc with Steve Orlando co-writing. 

Action Comics #964

Wonder Woman #7

Titans #3

Extraordinary X-Men #14

Ms. Marvel #11