"The Tick" officially gets a full season on Amazon

For many folks, the Tick will forever and always be Patrick Warburton. For others, he may always be the animated voice of Townsend Coleman. Sometime in 2017, you can add Peter Serafinowicz as the titular Tick.

Yes, following a successful Prime "Pilot" program, Amazon has confirmed they are ordering a full season of everyone's favorite Blue Superhero.

In case you missed it, the Pilot is still up for viewing here on Amazon Prime.

After a quick watch, the show has quite a bit of promise. Serafinowicz is perfect as the character; wide-eyed innocence and verbose, long-winded metaphors and all.

Griffin Newman's twitchy, damaged Arthur appears as the focal point of the show. His acting is superb, and the depressing nature of his character and backstory makes for a very new, very refreshing beginning to the cult classic.

Also, Patrick Warburton is executive producing the project. So win-win all around!