Disney confirms 'new reimagining of The Lion King' with Jon Favreau

While details surrounding the live-action vs. animation is yet to be clear, Disney has confirmed the "reimagining" of The Lion King with Jon Favreau attached. 

See below for a statement from the MegaGod Company: 

We can officially confirm that The Walt Disney Studios and director Jon Favreau are putting a new reimagining of The Lion King on the fast track to production. The project follows the technologically groundbreaking smash hit ‘The Jungle Book,’ directed by Favreau, which debuted in April and has earned $965.8 million worldwide.

The sheer fact that they mentioned "The Jungle Book" remake in the statement sure seems like a sure-shot of a live-actionish reboot. No complaints here. The Lion King was the first movie I personally ever saw in the theaters, to date me a little, and I am freaking pumped.