PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro and PS Peripherals

Well, turns out the images from a few weeks ago were the real deal. The PS4 Slim ($299.99) launches on the 15th of this month along with a new Dualshock controller ($59.99) , a new camera ($59.99), a new headset ($159.99), and a new vertical stand ($24.99). The PS4 "Neo" is now the "Pro" and will release November 10th for $399.99.

While this wasn't unexpected, some of the details are. Microsoft set the hardware bar high with their slim release and the upcoming release of Scorpio so it's kinda disappointing that Sony didn't make a beefier box. Here's IGN's comparison chart as well as my main concerns.

1. Hard drive space: The PS4 Slim only has a 500 GB HDD right now and the PS4 Pro will only have a 1 TB HDD at launch. Xbox One S launched with a 2TB HDD for the same price as PS4 Pro with double the hard drive space. 

2. The PS4 Slim is just a miniaturized PS4... there doesn't appear to be any 4K streaming though it does have HDR. The PS4 Pro will have this just like Xbox One S, albeit with a slightly beefier processor. 

3. The release dates and prices of the other sized systems haven't been determined or at the very least, disclosed.

4. The new Sony headset looks flashy, but I doubt it will be much of an improvement over similarly priced headset on the market.

If you want 4K streaming from Sony you have to wait till November and pay a minimum of $100.00 more than the Microsoft cheapest 4K streaming box. What the PS4 Pro has going for it is that it will have 4K gaming, something Microsoft fans have to wait for next year. That said, the games need to really support that anyway, and most do not yet making this only a slight advantage till the Scorpio releases.

In the end, none of this was surprising, but I was hoping that the price point would be more competitive.