#WomanCrushWednesday: Hope Nicholson

It's always a little weird writing about someone you respect because of Twitter. To sing the praises of someone you follow on Twitter runs the risk of being creepy, especially if they are of the opposite sex. I think I stumbled on Hope Nicholson after she was linked to Girl Geek Authority article that I also read because of Twitter. What I discovered was an incredibly multi talented author with a great message. My attention was immediately grabbed by her moniker of "Comic Historian."

I won't list all of her accomplishments, you can always check them out yourself at her website, but I will note that she created her own archival and anthology publisher: Bedside Press. Needless to say, in this modest nerd's opinion, her star is definitely on rise and fills a very important role in what is still a male dominated industry. 

Hope that wasn't creepy.

Sledge out.