#WomanCrushWednesday: Emmy Rossum

I, Jon, am doing #WomanCrushWednesday this week, and I choose Emmy Rossum, but it's probably not why you think.

I haven’t seen anything else she has been in besides The Day After Tomorrow (well maybe Mystic River but that’s not the point), so to me she is Laura Chapman; the super pretty, smart, nerd girl who seems obtainable. Obtainable women are even better looking in my eyes. To be clear, she's obtainable as Laura Chapman, not Emmy Rossum. I even know a guy whose three hall passes are all Kelly Clarkson for that reason and that reason only. Being kind of shy until you really get to know me, I really connected with Jake Gyllenhaal's struggles in trying to get this girl to like him. I would have totally fought some wolves and ran away from the freezing air for her. I mean, girl cut her leg saving a family and is now sick, what would you do?

Being the sweet down-home girl is what really gets me. I get asked a lot when I say I have a crush on her if I have seen Shameless and I say no and I say I will never watch that show because it will ruin the fantasy for me. I don’t wanna see her like that all naked and doing the dirty with Jerry Freaking Lundergaard. No thank you. Stay classy, Laura, stay classy.