DC Comics Rebirth Vol. 1: Collected editions you need to grab

We have not been shy to share our feelings when it comes to the DC Universe Rebirth, in that we have loved it from start to finish. 

Between the Easter eggs, returns and emotional reunions, the one-shot DC Universe #1 book from Geoff Johns (and Gary Frank, Ethan Van Sciver, Ivan Reis, Phil Jimenez, Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Matt Santorelli, Brad Anderson, Jason Wright, Hi-Fi, Gabe Eltaeb and Nick J. Napolitano) was the absolute pinnacle of comic books in 2016. 

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But, that beauty from our Michigan savior just got the party started. 

Right off the bat with Rebirth, there was this sense of familiarity, but with new tweaks here and there, and a complete re-commitment to the characters and what makes each of them unique.

Green Arrow and Canary coming back together with Benjamin Percy bringing this beloved couple back has been extremely special so far. Percy, Otto Schmidt and Juan Ferrerya have brought this character and couple back into relevance in the universe through humor, beautiful art and just an overall idea of what they see in this character. 

Joshua Williamson has brought a level of expertise back into Barry Allen's Flash, that I often refer to him as DC's Tim Duncan. What he is doing with the Speed Force and showing us every side of Barry, as he balances his past, present and future, has been one hell of a ride. 

Tom King has put his mark on Gotham, by bringing new and old characters into the mix during his run. He has overemphasized Batman's traits to make his Batman just come right off the page. We have seen an emotionally deep side to Bruce Wayne and Batman that we have not seen in a very long time. (Not to mention his Sheriff cohort Mitch Gerads will join him on Batman soon.) 

Scott Snyder and John Romita Jr. have made Batman's "off-road-vehicle" of a series top-notch in the terms of growing the relationship between Batman and Duke, Bruce and Harvey and by taking us on insane adventures. All-Star Batman is a must-grab every time it hits shelves. 

Let's get into some of those individual Vol. 1 collected editions with links to reviews and thoughts on each series, so far: 

BATMAN VOL. 1: I AM GOTHAM (Collects Rebirth #1 and issues#1-6) 

Um, where to start. Putting Tom King at the helm of Batman was the smartest decision DC Comics made in 2016 that wasn't letting Geoff Johns write again. King put his mark on Bruce Wayne, Batman and Gotham by overemphasizing every characteristic about the main working parts in DC's Dark Knight.  

King brought C-List players back into the fold, created new ones and made his titular character feel like a fresh version by trusting his instincts that led him to smashing success on the Sheriff of Babylon. 

We talked with Tom King back in May 2016, which was right when he told the world he was doing Batman! We've talked with Tom King a couple of times, and if we had a Court of Nerds Hall of Fame, he would be in it. 

Court of Nerds Episode 62: Meat and Taters (the Tom King interview!)

Batman #1 felt like it picked up on the cues left behind in the New 52, before shifting into unchartered waters. King's Batman felt much more content, level-headed and sure with each decision he made, no matter the implication, from the get-go. The character has only continues to evolve and -- GASP -- open up emotionally. 

Comic Review: Rebirth: Batman #1

Comic Review: Batman #2

Comic Review: Batman #4

Batman Vol. 1 I AM GOTHAM is a must-own coming out of Rebirth. It costs $16.99. For more information on how to pick it up, click here or ask your local comic shop. As for what's up now, King is joined by Sheriff of Babylon partner Mitch Gerads and you're a fool if you're not buying this book every two weeks. 

GREEN ARROW VOL. 1: THE DEATH AND LIFE OF OLIVER QUEEN (Collects Rebirth GA #1, and issues #1-5) 

Quick, someone check on Drew, his heart flutters every time someone mentions this book or Benjamin Percy's name. Man, going through this list is just a reminder of all the awesome people we have been granted to talk with. 

Benjamin Percy, and his deep, sensual pipes, joined us on the show back in July 2016 to talk about his past work and the then brand-new Green Arrow Rebirth series. 

Court Of Nerds Extra - A Growl And A Purr: The Benjamin Percy Interview

Percy and Otto Schmidt knocked Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance's relationship out of the park right from the beginning. It was a fantastic love story, of these two filling the mysterious missing hole in their life right with the first issue. 

Everything about this series has represented exactly, in my opinion, what DC Comics was trying to do with the Universe Rebirth. The beautiful thing about this series, is that it is a fit for people whether a comic book veteran or just a fan of Arrow on The CW. 

Seriously, this series might not coincide with the television series but this is the real Oliver Queen. 

We shipped so hard for Ollie and Canary, and I feel comfortable in recommending this collection for anyone with a soul. If you don't believe me, check out Drew's glowing review of the first issue of Green Arrow Rebirth: 

COMIC REVIEW: Green Arrow #1

This collected edition is also available now for $16.99. For more information on how to buy this piece of nostalgic comic gold, click here or ask your local comic book shop. 

THE FLASH VOL. 1: LIGHTNING STRIKES TWICE (collects Rebirth #1 and issues #1-8) 

... and now it's time to check on Ben. He has reviewed The Flash right from the start thoroughly and emphatically, in which he has referred to Joshua Williamson's take on The Flash as the Tim Duncan of the DC Rebirth line.

Williamson tells a brilliant Barry Allen arc in issues #1 through #8, as we see Barry Allen get back to doing what he loves the most in teaching, getting back into the dating world and once again learn to pick up the pieces after it all falls apart. 

I can not recommend this collected edition anymore. For fans of the CW TV show, just like the Green Arrow series, this is a perfect fit. For avid comic book readers, this series is a perfect fit. 

Williamson has such a grasp on The Flash, Barry and the allure of the Speed Force that I can hardly contain my excitement when talking about this book. It's fundamentally sound, has fantastic art through and through even with a constant revolving crew on that side and it tells a fantastic Barry Allen story. 

Don't believe me? Check out all of my review from the first 8 issues below: 

Comic Review: The Flash #1

Comic Review: The Flash #2

Comic Review: The Flash #3

Comic Review: The Flash #4

Comic Review: The Flash #5

Comic Review: The Flash #6

Comic Review: The Flash #7

Comic Review: The Flash #8 sees the return of Kid Flash and the end of an arc

This one is available for $17.99. For more information on how to scoop this treasure chest of Speed Force up, click here or ask your local comic book shop.   

Look at Barry Allen all happy and in love. Would you believe me if I told you that it didn't last? 

Look at Barry Allen all happy and in love. Would you believe me if I told you that it didn't last?