#WomanCrushWednesday: Olivia Taylor Dudley

Oh happy day, it’s time to address our Woman Crush Wednesday!

Now, it’s very easy to address our WCW for today based on looks alone – she’s the most beautiful person in a cast of beautiful people – but that would sell her short on the incredible job she’s doing bringing a character to life.

Today, we celebrate Olivia Taylor Dudley for her transcendent work on Syfy’s ‘the Magicians’ (which coincidentally debuts its Season 2 premiere tonight!).

Dudley brings hefty pathos to a character who was was initially almost unlikeable: she’s the smartest girl in the class, icily beautiful, and she has no interest in anyone involved in Brakebills that isn’t her deceased brother. But over the course of the first season she opens up, like a flower blooming as the sun rises, showing the source of her iron-clad determination and letting other students into her air-tight self-imposed isolation.

And this is where she really shines: Dudley crafts a character who alternates between being relatable to the viewing audience, and by being in not just another league but a different fucking sport; despite her obvious skills and knowledge she has a deep-seeded self-doubt. We see her make a connection with Quentin and struggle with understanding it, with accepting it. We see her exploring her sexuality with apprehension. We see her being at times almost ashamed that she’s so far ahead of her classmates in her magical prowess. It’s fascinating to see how many layers Dudley crafts into Alice Quinn, and how far she might go in this world.


Also? She did some crazy-fun work with the Nerdist

So yeah, here’s to you, Olivia Taylor Dudley, my....ahem...OUR Woman Crush this Wednesday, and one of our main reasons for inhaling episodes of ‘the Magicians’ (Wednesdays on Syfy).


Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a glass of fancy brown booze to slurp while I pray that the gang survived the Season 1 finale….