Well, I was Sherlocked...

Courtesy BBC

Courtesy BBC

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't seen "The Six Thatchers", you should stop reading.

Stephen Moffat should be proud of himself for the roller coaster that is Sherlock. After what seems like years of anticipation, Sherlock finally came back only to destroy me emotionally. However, I do have a bone to pick with the series since having watched "The Six Thatchers."

The plot drive has always been fantastic. Just like earlier seasons of Doctor Who, everything is intricately linked.  It's becoming difficult to follow though, and that's from a huge fan of season-long story lines that take your full attention to understand (i.e. Westworld).  It feels like they are trying to turn Sherlock into a non-sociopath, which destroys his whole character.  He has always been the asshole savant who is grounded by Watson.  At the end of the episode, Sherlock gives Mrs. Hudson a code word so she can remind him when he's being insensitive. Maybe it's because I haven't seen how that ties into the rest of the series, but it ruins his character for me. In the first series, Sherlock had these wonderful flashes of his mind palace where we could actually see how he was solving cases, all the while keeping his sociopathic demeanor. THAT is what brought a worldwide audience. Now, his character is becoming foggy and has no real direction, unaided by the visual cues previously present which kept the viewers interested.

Sherlock's nemesis is dead.  Or is he?  They seem to be relying heavily on Moriarty speaking to Sherlock from the grave and it doesn't have the same gravitas as (the poorly-acted) alive Moriarty did.  Sherlock constantly tries to connect every action to how it must be Moriarty sending him a sign.  After the third time, it starts to get old.  How can Sherlock be Sherlock without Moriary?  Can Batman be Batman without the Joker?

Another thing. Could we quit with the 3 episodes that are feature film length? Imagine Game of Thrones smashed down into 3 movies and then having to wait even longer for the next season. No. Thank. You. The BBC has always done their TV differently than the States, which is part of its allure. But I think they're wrong to do Sherlock like they are. It's a show that should be dissected into smaller chunks, to build anticipation and to give the fans time to digest massive character motive shifts. In this episode, Sherlock starts as the fascinating yet dislikable jerk, Watson is the loving husband trying to balance work and home, Mary is the intelligent survivalist, wife, and mother. By the end, Sherlock is trying to become a caring person, Watson is a cheating piece of shit, and Mary is uncalculating and sacrifices (quite literally) her self preservation.  All in one episode!  It's TOO MUCH.

So, of course I'm going to ride the struggle-bus that is sure to be this series.  I've stuck with it this long, I figure I'll give Moffat a chance to redeem himself.  Hopefully we can all be Sherlocked once more!