Everything we know about Mass Effect: Andromeda

As we get closer to the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda, and the more new, juicy details emerge, it's becoming increasingly difficult to control our excitement. Here's a quick rundown of the latest news on the much-anticipated sequel series:

1. Mass Effect: Andromeda may not have a Season Pass

Someone asked Bioware GM Aaryn Flynn if the game would have a DLC Season Pass. To which Flynn replied, "Nope."

When asked for clarification, Flynn added: "We'll talk more about that later :)"

Now, this could mean that we'll all have to purchase the DLC individually, unbundled, as it comes out. As we've seen with literally every other Mass Effect DLC to date, this would mean approximately $120 of extra content, some of which is REALLY important to the story. Oh, and it never, ever goes on sale. This is the shittiest option.

It could also mean Bioware is looking to release a wholly complete game, with no DLC. But that's about as likely as a fart stopping a wildfire - It just ain't gonna happen. They're gonna release DLC for this game; There's no question. How they expect us to pay for it, is a totally different story.

Speaking of the story, here's what we know so far:

2. The game takes place 600 years after the original  Mass Effect Trilogy

During the course of the Mass Effect 2 story, a ship was sent to the Andromeda galaxy to find a new home for Humans to populate. The man in charge was an N7 operative named Alec Ryder, designated "Pathfinder."

600 years, and a whole heaping helping of traveling at relativistic speeds later, you control one of Alec's children, Sara or Scott, as they continue their father's quest in the Andromeda galaxy aboard their starship Tempest.

3. The gameplay will still have that good 'ol Mass Effect flair

Yes, there will still be the dialogue trees, the romantic storylines, and a (hopefully non-) binary choice system. But, instead of choosing a class and sticking with it, players will be able to mix and match their abilities to customize their playstyle.

Much has been made of the fact that the game is supposedly "Open world, open universe." Hopefully, this is less like No Man's Sky, and more like a hybrid of Mass Effect games past. The planet-hopping buggy will be making a comeback as the customizable all terrain vehicle, Nomad.

4. Multiplayer can be integrated into single player

More details have emerged as to how the game will handle Multiplayer, as well. In an interview with Kotaku, Mike Gamble, producer at Bioware, explained the new integration of single and multiplayer within the main campaign.

These trigger when you encounter "Strike Team" missions, whereby you can send a special team to handle a specific objective.

You can choose to send your main squad, or your multiplayer team (I imagine these teammates are similar to the characters you could create for Mass Effect 3's multiplayer), and then either in single player, or with other players online. Obviously, the more people you have on hand for the mission, the harder it is, and the greater the rewards will be.

Also, these missions will unlock special items, weapons, and mods that can be used in both single and multiplayer.

Unlike the multiplayer aspect of Mass Effect 3, this is only bonus stuff, and isn't necessary to enjoy story.

5. Mass Effect: Andromeda releases March 21st, 2017

If you're itching to get a taste before release, the game will be available for a limited time for EA and Origin Access gamers.

Are you excited yet?