Man Crush Monday: Matt Mercer

Image courtesy Geek and Sundry

Those of us who've played D&D know: the key to a fun campaign is a flexible Dungeon Master.

And the most impressively flexible of them all is Matthew Mercer.

While Critters could have told you this years ago, when Critical Role was still in its' infancy, this past week saw the conclusion of Vox Machina's Tal'Dorei campaign. There were tears, there was anger...

And right in the middle of it all was Matt Mercer.

Mercer is a masterful storyteller. He utilizes music, props, maps, and dioramas to paint a vivid experience for his players.

Take a look at this AWESOME set he created for the final battle in Crit Role:

His attention to detail for each session is astounding.

In fact, his writing credits are now on display in the official Tal'Dorei D&D Campaign Setting... as well as the Vox Machina Origins comic.

His versatility and knack for worldbuilding and rule-bending has even changed the public face of Dungeons and Dragons.

Plus, the man is a goddamned chameleon. He creates incredibly complex (and occasionally hilarious) characters on the fly...

Seriously, this dude has more distinct character acting credits in this ONE SHOW than most film actors across their entire careers.


Mercer has described his character creation process extensively, and is open to helping other DM's with that process.

His impressive collection of distinct characters expands beyond Crit Role, however...

His voice has been in a variety of games, from 2009's Wolfenstein, to World of Warcraft, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Batman: Arkham Knight, Fallout 4, Kingdom Hearts, Persona 4 and 5, Injustice 2, Final Fantasy XV, Overwatch... and really, the list just goes on.

This dude's in everything.

Okay, sure, he's no Nolan North. But his characters are deep, complex, varied, and different enough that you won't always be able to recognize him.

And on top of it all, he's a super humble, incredibly affable...

Oh, and check out his sexy as hell cosplay of Geralt of Rivia: