Court Of Nerds GR Comic Con Schedule!

Visit to get tickets NOW! 

Visit to get tickets NOW! 


5p Main Stage

Julian Glover - Actor

Ben, Jon and Biff


6p Monroe A-D


Drew and Sledge


6:30 Main Stage

Kane Hodder 

Grant, Emily and Biff


7p Grand Gallery A-C

Jason Spisak 

Ben and Jon


8p Grand Gallery E-F

Adrienne Barbeau

Grant and Sledge



12:45p Grand Gallery E-F

Mike McFarland 

Emily and Gregg


3:30 Main Stage


Ben and Jon


3:45p Grand Gallery E-F

Tara Sands 

Gregg and Sledge

CoN Fan Panel 7p - 8p
Come ask us about podcasting, blogging and nerding for fun and money! 


11a Main Stage

Jim Cummings 

Emily and Drew


11a Monroe A-D

Lucie Pohl 

Gregg and Zach


11:30 Grand Gallery A-C

Catherine Sutherland

Ben and Grant


12:30 Main Stage

Gates McFadden - Star Trek

Jon and Sledge


12:45 Grand Gallery E-F

Clive Revill 

Drew and Grant


1p Grand Gallery A-C

James Marshall 

Gregg and Zach


2p Main Stage

Kevin Sorbo 

Ben and Emily