WWE Hell in a Cell 2017: Kevin Owens, Shane McMahon put on anxiety-riddled main event

Let's just say that WWE Hell in a Cell 2017 wrapped up in such palm-drenched, anxiety-ridden and wonderful fashion that it left us jonesing for Tuesday night's SmackDown Live the second after the show ended in Detroit. 

Lucky for Michigan WWE fans, a Hell in a Cell + SmackDown Live week is a realistic possibility if you believe in yourself. Tickets are still available for Tuesday's SmackDown Live in Grand Rapids from Van Andel Arena.


Spoiler-filled review for Hell in a Cell from the insanely beautiful Little Caesars Arena below: 

Hey, seriously, this is going to be chock full of spoilers. 

Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens, and The New Day and Usos gave the crowd its money worth in two matches alone. And, not to downplay the rest of the match card, but the debut WWE show at Little Caesars Arena was predicated on these two matches. 

The New Day and Usos opened the night (after American Beta beat the Hype Bros on the kickoff show) in fun, violent, innovative and spectacular fashion. What else would you expect from these two teams? 

Xavier Woods and Big E represented the New Day in this one with the personable Kofi Kingston watching from outside of the cage. From approximately 1,000 Kendo Sticks, several trombones, chairs and the cell, these two teams used everything possible to their advantage during this match. 

I haven't seen better utilization of a Kendo Stick since "The Lethal Weapon" Steve Blackman graced the ring. Seriously, the New Day trapped one of the Usos in the corner of the cell by looping the Kendo Sticks through the cell, which was just genius. 

It was great tag team wrestling, great weapon use and a great gimmick match. This match was hard to top all night and really had the crowd in attendance going nuts. 

This match flew at 1,000 mph, made Big E look like the star he is and someone made fans wanting more out of this feud. The Usos won the SmackDown Live Tag Team Championships back with the double-splash (with a chair) on Xavier Woods. 

Here's to hoping Grand Rapids gets treated to that WWE Tag Team Championship rematch on Tuesday night. 

Moving onto the main event before jumping into other quick thoughts on the night, Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens beat the living hell out of each other. From start to finish, these two went at it whether outside of the cage, inside of it and, of course, on top of it. 

Let me just tell you something, growing up watching Mankind get thrown off the top of the cell and through the top of it, I wished and wished that I could've been there for that. Well, after seeing Shane and Owens fight on top of the 20-foot high structure for what felt like eternity, nope, nope, nope ... I would much rather not be at home. 

Not because it wasn't entertaining, but because my leg jumping so much and my palms were drenched with sweat by watching these two grown men with families fighting on top of a two-story structure. 

Let me just get something straight, too, they weren't just trading punches and lightly body-slamming each other up there, they were really going for it. Owens and Shane must really trust the design and safety crew, because we saw suplexes, sentons, pop-up powerbombs and it just seemed like they were trying to crash through. 

Eventually, the anxiety-ridden crowd was treated to two hellacious spots. Owens fell off the Cell Shawn Michaels style by clinging to the cage while climbing down. Great spot, insane impact and the crowd lost it. But, of course, that wasn't it, Shane went up top with Owens draped across the announce table and went for his signature crazy man flying elbow: 


Yeah, you see that guy pull Owens off of the table and into safety? That's Sami Zayn. Now let me answer some questions for the viewers at home. We were seated next to the hard camera dead and center, and I didn't notice Zayn the entire match. I did notice the red-haired guy awkwardly sitting close to KO on the table, but WWE sold that in a way that I expected it was medical standby. 


Tell me that Sami Zayn joining forces with KO and going full slow-bad guy walk out of Detroit doesn't make you want to buy tickets to SmackDown GR right now. I dare you. 

Other highlights and storylines to watch for Tuesday:

  • Jinder Mahal is still WWE Champion after defeating Shinsuke Nakamura clean. Yeah, I don't know where we're going with this one, but apparently Nakamura is no longer future Cena after dropping present Cena on his head a month or so ago. We're told to believe this man is unbeatable and the future, but he can't even beat a member of Three Man Band. Feels like counteractive booking at the moment, but at least a Jinder match had a sort of different ending. 
  • Bobby Roode and gimmick-less Dolph will probably keep feuding for the immediate future. Dirty win, cheap shot after the bell, you do the math. 
  • Charlotte and Nattie had a DQ finish that just never got off the ground. WWE needs to let Charlotte carry these things and not Nattie if they want this to be an enjoyable feud. We should see some fallout on Charlotte's leg injury from the repeated chair shots. 
  • Randy Orton beat Rusev in what was actually OK. 

Rating: 8.5/10: When your two main events tear the house down, you did something right. Hopefully the non-sellout crowd at the pizza arena won't deter WWE from coming back to Detroit for a PPV soon. This was the first in four years.