Stranger Things 2 Was Hella Cool, eh?

Look, I know that you know that I know that there are enough Stranger Things 2 reviews to choke a moose. Everyone and their mom’s website has an in-depth review of the Netflix follow up, and with good reason: it’s really good! It should be broken down and examined with incredible attention to detail. One would be a fool not to want to analyze it.

Well, as quite possibly the last nerd-centric site in existence to post an ST2, we’re gonna just go ahead and fart out the anti-intellectual review and tell you what we thought was dope ass shit, and what was fart worthy.



DOPE ASS SHIT: The redemption of Steve Harrington

Can you believe that? Can you actually believe that the dopey douche from the first season became arguably one of the best characters on the show? Steve takes on the task of watching the Party simply from the good in his broken heart. He wanted to swing his crazy bat and spray his hair, and my man was all outta spray.


DOPE ASS SHIT: The musical selection

Are we just talking about the incredible catalogue of ‘80’s jams that drive some crazy scenes and root the series chronologically? I mean…yeah, BUT the score to this series is so good. Like, on par with the supreme dankness that was the score to Thor: Ragnarok. Lots of hacky doo doo butts rely on music to drive the narrative; to give a scene some forced pathos. But this, THIS! Truly the dopest of ass shit.



FART WORTHY: God dammit, Bob.

This is just one of those things, y’know? Kenny Rogers-loving doofus is hooking up with the lady who should be with the adult male lead…and then he fucking grows on you like a boil from Hobbiton. Bob! Bob the brain! Ugh, I grew to love Bob for his unconditional support and his iron-clad optimism. And then he saves the damn day, and then you think he just might make it out alive, and then those damn dogs and the damn lobby and GOD DAMMIT BOB. Sean Astin was incredible.


DOPE ASS SHIT: The pairing of cool cats

Hopper & Eleven. Max & Lucas. Dustin & Steve. Joyce & Bob (GOD DAMMIT, BOB). This season featured some amazing buddy couplings that came out of nowhere to set up furniture in our hearts. The chemistry between these characters was endearing and organic, and the best part was that none of it seemed forced.




The stand-alone episode where Eleven tracks down Kali and forms a bond was a really cool episode. Girls with mental powers reunited! Kicking ass! But that stupid ass punk dummy Axel took me out of every scene. His voice, his look, his attitude…I can’t tell if James Landry Hebert is an acting tour du force, or if this was the most annoying character in the series’ short history.



DOPE ASS SHIT: Lucas becomes the Truth

In the first season Lucas was the ultimate Negative Nancy: constantly negative, always poo-pooing plans and just in general being an obstinate kid that took forever to really buy in to the reality of their situation. This season? Dude, Lucas was the Truth: whether it’s demodogs or getting the girl, Lucas was all-in for everything. His evolution from stick in the mud to confident young man was fantastic, and his desire to be Venkman instead of fucking Winston was one of the best scenes in the season.


We found this season real, real gnarly, and we’re not even listing all the crazy-good stuff like Dacre Montgomery as Zac Effron-meets-Toby Keith, the expanding of the Upside Down, Noah Schnapp pulling out all the stops as Will, or the hints at further storylines. You know that we know that you know that this series is a tasty treat, and the only real question is how many times you’re gonna rewatch it.