Comic Review: Aquaman Annual #1

I both love and hate these kind of reviews. I love sharing my thoughts about a good book, but I hate that revealing too much about the story ruins the moment for the reader. I hate things being called “spoilers” all the time. This is a “review” after all, and some key concepts of the story should be relayed otherwise you just have some guy saying: “Yup, this good, you should buy it!” or “Nope, this is lame you should ignore it.” That doesn’t really make for terribly interesting reading, so you have to pick and choose what you share. A harmless panel here, a snippet of dialog there… stuff that sheds some light on the story without revealing too much. Honestly, anything can show the reader that I am actually trying to be subtle for their benefit.


Yet in some cases in comics, even sharing a single panel in a story can change how everything gets interpreted. There is power in that. We all have the urge to abuse that power. Even as I type this, I am battling the urges of my baser id: keeping the monster at bay… keeping the dream alive and showing the reader what they really want to see…


I want to give the reader visions of grandeur, of what their life could be with this amazing book. Explaining too much is snatching that vision from them, and that is something I would never want to do… unless… No. NO! I will not.

So all I will say is this, “Yup, this good, you should buy it!”

Rating: 9/10