Ben explains wrestling: What's up with KO and Sami?

Welcome to a new thing that Ben Raven, our resident comic book, wrestling and My Little Pony expert, will be doing whenever real life and wrestling collide. The most fun part about when the two sides of kayfabe hit each other is that we honestly have no idea what is real and what isn't. 

For the first edition, let's take a look back at a conversation between Ben, Drew and Jon regarding the reports that Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn were sent home from the current two-week SmackDown overseas tour for not following script. 

Dirt sheets reports, and Sports Illustrated, that the two were sent home by Vince McMahon himself for not attacking the New Day more and taking some on the chin for our babyfaces seemingly getting ready for a Shield feud. 

Ben explains wrestling will not always take this format, but for this time, a conversation between the three wrestling freaks will suffice. 

Drew shares link detailing the aforementioned reports: "Whoa." 

-- -- 

Ben: "This is not great." 

Drew: "Break it down for me Ben, what's the bigger issue? Because I agree, this shit is bad, I just don't totally know why."

Jon: "Me either." 

Ben (who was already typing a response before Drew and Jon asked for more): "This is also very rare. If they leave or are forced out, that WWE Network/talent situation will get worse. Kevin Owens immediately becomes most sought after man in wrestling, and Sami is right there with him. If they go New Japan, watch out for an even more American expansion. If they go TNA/GFW, god I hope not. They couldn’t even help that. If they go ROH, watch out for a major cable network push and prime time spot." 

Drew: "Spyke/FX?" 

Ben: "The only people to ever bounce back from this were HHH, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall."

Drew: "Are KO and Sami on that level?"

Ben: "They orchestrated a hug at the end of a cage match at MSG when Kayfabe was still wrestling life and fear HBK was their star. Nash and Hall went to WCW and started NWO (and beat Raw in ratings for 68 straight weeks)

HHH was sent to bottom of roster. Worked his way back through terrible storylines. Bad booking and no TV time unless it was embarrassing.

Then he became the hottest young talent with Rock, couple years later was married to his boss’ daughter and is a 10-time + champ, haha.

That’s a pretty great idea. But seriously, this could either spark an outside wrestling push or just delay KO/Sami spotlight for 8-10 months.

My money is on them leaving.

KO is someone you can build a promotion on by having him build face stars.

Drew: "I think that's the smart bet and I think ROH with Neville as a 3 man is the best bet to me."

Ben: "You put KO in New Japan, and have him reunited with Young Bucks and Omega ... though. Pay two announcers and get that shit on Fox Sports weekly.

I can’t believe they would do this. Maybe it a work toward the McMahon conspiracy and they have something bigger planned." 

Drew: "I think ROH is the most cable ready promotion right now, the roster is strong and they let women do whatever kind of matches they want

Plus they've got Amell lined up for Houston lol"

Ben: "ROH shares this match today ...