Exclusive Preview: Dark Nights Metal #4 from DC Comics

Dark Nights Metal #4 by Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion and FCO Plascencia

$3.99 out on Wednesday, Dec. 20

Or these covers for Dark Nights Metal #4 killer or what? Seriously, all three of those are absolute bangers that reel you in before a single page has been turned. Once turning those pages, though, and you are treated to a face-melting, Dark Multiverse, insanely good time from DC 52 Batman team Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo. 

In issue No. 4, Snyder and Capullo have the Justice League and Co. spread across the DC Universe to literally every corner imaginable, and unimaginable on the search for Nth Metal. The pairings of heroes in this issue are interesting in the fact that they're ones we're not generally used to seeing. 

Readers will be treated to a little bit of everything in this issue from "Five Finger Death Punch," the seven deadly sins, Neil Gaiman and some freaking Heavy Metal-esque killer art from Capullo. This man was not only put on Earth to bring Batman to life with his art, he was put on this Earth to twist the DC Universe into a nostalgia, creative pretzel ... while also drawing Batman. 

In the first couple of pages taking place in the Dark Multiverse, we see Batman with a couple incarnations of Superman stuck in quite the pickle. This is where our "Five Finger Death Punch" mention comes in, and is just one of several subtle funny moments put into the book. 

Not to mention the use of several classic characters like Dr. Fate, Zorro, Dream, and more. 

While there are moments that will make you laugh, from talking with Snyder and reading some of his interviews on this series Dark Nights Metal is all about living and learning from your past mistakes. I felt this come to life after wrapping up issue four, as Snyder and Capullo really bring that feeling to life. 

We see all of our heroes facing not only their greatest fears but their greatest mistakes as they fight off the urge of losing all hope. 

I'm here to vouch for this book and this series in general, Snyder's obligatory set up for this series is complete and now it's time to get into the nitty gritty emotion. This mythological book that is all over the place with its over-the-top stories still manages to show off its big, sappy, emotional meaty human heart. 

As for Capullo, what more is there to say about this man's work? From his capturing of the Dark Multiverse, Metal's version of Batman, his picture-perfect Wonder Woman, he knocks it out of the park. Every member of the Justice League has been pushed to their mental and physical limits, and Capullo captures this with the simple, looked over things like Hal's five o'clock shadow, the tired expressions and tone of the others and the deeply emotional moments between Clark and Bruce. Not to mention the last page of this issue, God damn, Capullo can do just a little bit of everything. 

This book literally feels like an insane metal DC mashup video to a monster movie to a more somber Batman tale all in 23 pages. It's not too much to take in at once, and I feel that with the story and creative team's emotion starting to show in each page that fans will fall even more in love with this series.