Legion on FX Series Premiere Review

Well, it was worth the wait. 

For its "no, seriously this is not going to be like those X-MEN" demeanor to its painstakingly, yet somehow fulfilling slow burn premier, Legion on FX and its eccentric cast is here to stay. This is easily the weirdest superhero origin story told in the mainstream-verse, and I'm afraid it's going to push people away. 

But, honestly, eff those people anyway. 

Our main character David Haller, played by Dan Stevens, takes us on a schizophrenic-fueled journey through mental hospitals, childhood flashbacks, confusing projections and more.

Seriously, it's not just the writing that makes the anxiety and paranoia ooze from Legion's debut, it's the lighting, direction, camera work and acting. Noah Hawley, creator, director and EP, clearly knew exactly what he wanted in Legion and I feel like it's safe to say that he hit a bullseye. 

While Legion follows the inescapable X-Men woe is me I'm a mutant origin story, Hawley and Co. are able to differentiate David's from the rest by honing in on not only his rejecting of his powers, but his disbelief in them. David's disbelief in his abilities drives him so mad that he is unable to tell the difference between what is real and what's not, and what is a memory projection and what's not. 

The casting was great (more Aubrey Plaza, please), the not-clear timeframe is a fun little game and the superhero show without a superhero genre is clearly a thing now. 

Legion is worth checking out, but for Christ's sake make sure to cut out about 75-minutes from your day for it. That's my only gripe with the debut, if you're going to have a slow-burn pilot then don't show it in a 90-minute time slot.

I enjoyed the show and was looking forward to its debut and even I was weary-eyed and losing focus by 11 p.m. ETS.