Comic Review: Heathen #1-2

Sometimes I come across a comic that really hit all the right notes. The setting is interesting. The characters are intriguing. The story is compelling. The art is fitting. I end up liking it for so many reasons that I'm often at a loss as to where to start a review. I'm torn between spoiling a great story, and trying to convince you that this comic is worth reading. I mentally wrestle with it so long that sometimes so much time has passed that the comic looses some of it's relevance. 

This is one of those comics, and I'm still conflicted as I type this as to what to say.

So I'm going to say right here.


I have not felt this way about an indy comic sense Head Lopper, and that's incredibly high praise. 

I'm not even going to give a spoiler filled break down. I'm going to show you some panels and see if it piques your interest.

This story takes place during the age of the Vikings. Aydis is the protagonist. She is awesome.

There are god's, immortals, fey creatures, and talking animals. Aydis keeps getting more awesome.

It's also very humorous.

Seriously, Natasha Alterici is  one amazing writer and and artist. She helped handle a Grayson Annual a while back, which I loved, and she has only honed her craft sense then. Her writing is earnest without being cheesy, funny without being excessive, and always moves the the narrative without any needless filler that seems to populate comics these days. Every line of dialog seems measured. 

Her art is stylized and not overly detailed, which if I were reading a superhero comic might count as a fault. In fact, I might consider this "messy" style of pencils and inks a draw back in most instances; but it fits so well with the setting and tone, I can't image this comic being illustrated any other way. 

So buy this comic. Check out Natasha's website. Follow her on Twitter

You will not be disappointed. 

Rating: 8.5/10 Freyja Boobs