Spoiler Free Movie Review: Power Rangers (2017)

Nostalgia is fun. And if you wanna have fun, the Power Rangers reboot from Lionsgate is just that - Fun nostalgia packed with new twists and a promising young cast. Who else smells a franchise and a pile of money?

Right off the bat, this movie is not for younger kids. I've been asked that more than anything. Elizabeth Banks' Rita is genuinely scary at various points. If you're set on morphin' time with your little one? See it yourself first and cover their eyes. Thank me later.

The highlight of this film is surprisingly not the nostalgia for me. It's this talented young cast. Sure, the script was a clunker at points but holy cow this cast really gave it their all. 


Lionsgate/Power Rangers  

Lionsgate/Power Rangers  

RJ Cyler is far and away the standout. Playing Billy, Cyler is endearing to the audience and his team members in the movie. The character is a LEAP forward for the Rangers and frankly, the entire genre. Cyler plays the role perfectly. His relationship with our Red Ranger played by Dacre Montgomery is another of the film's high points. Montgomery is every inch of Jason and shows a lot of potential. He plays a fairly standard stereotype with some much appreciated nuance. While all of the new Rangers have great moments, Becky G as the new Trini seems to do the most with the least. She makes an impact in the small amount of dialogue she's given. There's a big moment for the character to shine and G knocked it out of the park.

This isn't revolutionary stuff though folks. It's an origin story. There are clunky forced moments. Some awful product placement. There are super cheesey moments. And there are issues. Goldar is as goofy looking as the trailers show. Rita doesn't get NEARLY enough screen time. Bryan Cranston as Zordon is cool but in the end slightly underwhelming.  

And then there's Alpha 5. Bill Hader voices the little robot whose updated form is...odd. Hader isn't given nearly enough to do here, relegated to mostly repeating Zordon. When he gets to stretch his limbs a little (yes he has multiple limbs), it's a nice comic relief but it leaves you wanting more.

And yes, the Zords look kinda weird but you'll get over it. Seriously. Get over it  


Lionsgate/Power Rangers  

Lionsgate/Power Rangers  

Here's the thing though? The movie looks great. If you can accept the update to the look, this is a really slick movie. All the graphics look great, the Rangers look great...Elizabeth Banks looks GREAT and SCARY. This is the Power Rangers movie you wished for as a kid. Well at least...it's the one I wished for. And I got it. 


This movie is FUN. It's nostalgia. And it takes a wonderful young cast and sets them up for success. More of these movies is a good thing for everyone. Especially after that mid-credit scene...