ABC's 'Inhumans' Dominates Casting

'Member that time that ABC's 'Agents of SHIELD' had that whole Inhumans storyline? And how many viewers were wondering how it would connect to the Inhumans movie? Or how/when/if the royal family would be making a cameo? And then the movie got canceled? 

Well, as much of a bummer as it was to hear that the MCU wouldn't get a big screen version of the Inhuman royal family, it was equally intriguing when it was announced that ABC would be creating a show featuring the aforementioned royals. I for one was curious what they'd do: would they just build on the base that 'SHIELD' created, cultivating more new characters? Or would they feature the characters we as fans have been clamoring for?

Apparently, Marvel means BIDNESS, and that means we're getting the real deal: Iron Fist showrunner (and former Dexter boss) Scott Buck will be helming the series, and I swear to Glob the casting news that's being released is jaw-droppingly fantastic. 

Iwan Rheon - Maximus the Mad: the former 'Misfits' and 'Game of Thrones' actor will be the bonkers brother of the Inhuman king, and probably serve as a foil of sorts during the show. Rheon was a compelling character in the British ensemble 'Misfits,' but he really exploded in the public conscious as extreme bastard Ramsay Bolton. 

Anson Mount - Black Bolt: The aforementioned Inhuman king needed to be an actor with serious onscreen presence, and ABC chose Mount. You know, the guy who captivated audiences as Cullen Bohannon on AMC's 'Hell on Wheels.' Can the dude aptly portray a hero who is basically rendered mute by his insane powers? Mount sure has the stature to pull it off.

Serinda Swan - Medusa: Serving as the queen of the Inhumans will be Swan, who has recently starred on USA's 'Graceland.' This is one I'm not completely confident in, but I can see how it'd work out: Swan is beautiful and may be able to pull off a queen who is the only one who can communicate with Black Bolt, but simultaneously strong and compassionate. I'm not too familiar with his work, but I trust the creative team and their choices so far. 

Ken Leung - Karnak: This is the one I'm most excited for, and why not? Karnak is a kickass character, and bringing him to life will be the guy who played Miles in 'Lost,' the dude who wrecked folks in 'Rush Hour,' and he was even in ****ing 'Star Wars: the Force Awakens'! Leung can play frantic, he can play cool, he can play controlled. I think he can be the stoic, logical part of the royal family. Basically, I'm just stoked for the almost eventual scene where Karnak takes on a group of opponents and just tears them to pieces. 


I'm curious to see who else they'll bring in to play Gorgon, or Triton, or Crystal, and if they'll use the Nuhumans like Inferno, Iso, or Synapse. 

And they better have goddamn Lockjaw.