DC taps Joss Whedon to direct Batgirl

According to Comicbook.com, DC approached former Avengers writer and director Joss Whedon to bring Batgirl to the silver screen. 

Developing Story... but man do I want this to be true.

UPDATE - Variety confirms this to be the case. They're reporting that Whedon -- the mastermind behind Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, and the Avengers films -- will be writing, producing, and directing the film. 

Nerdist is also confirming the story, and Screen Rant is reporting that some New 52 Batgirl may influence the story, but one has to wonder if 'Killing Joke' or the Batgirl of Burnside will also have any impact on the story. One also has to wonder if they'll give Whedon a smallish budget with which to work his innovative magic. 

It's extremely nice to get this news at this point in the DC Cinematic Universe, especially after they've been really battling uphill with the first three movies of the expanded universe (Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, and Suicide Squad). However, one can look to the in-development films like Shazam!, Gotham City Sirens, and the Batman and feel a bit better about things. Let's hope, let's really pray to the Highfather, that Warner Bros are letting the creators create without any dumb notes or asinine interference, especially with Batgirl; Joss Whedon is one of the best at cultivating a strong female lead, and just imagining him displaying that kickass Babs we've been hoping for is enough to make anyone crack a smile. 

...as long as she's in the Burnside suit. That thing is far too gorgeous/practical to be ignored.