New episodes of Pokemon Sun and Moon coming to Disney

Rejoice trainers and parents alike: the new Pokemon anime is headed stateside next month.

According to, the new English-dubbed episodes will begin airing on Disney XD Sunday, May 14th. And if you missed the first 2 episodes of the anime (which aired on Disney XD last year), they'll be re-aired Friday, May 12th.

Disney obtained the rights to all 19 previous seasons of Pokemon (and all of the movies) in November, according to Anime News Network. This is part of a multi-year distribution deal, which is both awesome and appears to be part of Disney's ongoing plan to dominate nerd culture.

Seriously, Disney currently owns the rights to Pokemon, Marvel, and Star Wars. It's really too bad Nintendo already paired with Universal for Nintendo Land, because Disney is kind of the perfect fit for the rest of Nintendo-owned properties.

I for one welcome our future Mouse-eared overlords.