Comic Review: Flash #21 (The Button #2)

If you haven't read Grant's review of Batman #21, go do that now.

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Did, you read it? 


Even the part where Grant explains the significance of Bruce and Barry exchanging promise rings?



Don't Drink and Time Travel

Don't Drink and Time Travel

You didn't? That's because it wasn't in there. This was just a test. A very dumb one....



So Barry gets to the Bat Cave late, to find that Reverse Flash attacked Bruce after he saw an image of his father as Batman come from a weird smiley face button after it came into contact with Pycho Pirates mask.

Still with me?

Anyway, Reverse Flash beats the shit out Batman until Reverse Flash enters some weird temporal phasing after which he proclaims to have seen God and his flesh melted away from him. 

Make sense?

Barry, being the forensic scientist that he is, determines that the outside energy that seemingly fried his arch-nemesis contained his distinct radiation. He keeps some of this information from a very badly beaten up Bruce, and jets off to figure out who is behind all of this in the most fun and dangerous ways possible.

/Hold for dramatic effect.


/Raucous Applause


After raiding the hall of justices trophy room, Barry shakes the dust off his most iconic of time traveling devices. Of course Batman shows up, because this is his case too and Bruce isn't one to let the Flash upstage him (even though it happens all the time... cough, cough). I mean, Bruce did time travel before... it was via Omega Beam and he needed Booster Gold to help find him, but he has time traveled before. So Bruce bat-cables himself to the treadmill and He and Barry go for a run. Well Barry goes for the run. Batman just kinda hangs on so he doesn't get lost in time again... That would be embarrassing. 

Do you think we can get Diana to wear hot pants again, Bruce?

Do you think we can get Diana to wear hot pants again, Bruce?

It seems retconned universe just don't stop existing... I mean, it seems that pieces of the Justice League's (and the Justice Society's for that matter) past has been forgotten. There is a malevolent force that has been manipulating things and for once it isn't any of the Flashes or their counterparts. Infact, there is a temporal storm chasing the super-friends on the treadmill. A wave of time thunder, or something, hits the treadmill and the two heroic amigos crash land in a Batcave. But not one Bruce is familiar with. It turns out to be his dad's from the Flashpoint Universe!

Is it weird that Barry is turned on right now?

Is it weird that Barry is turned on right now?

Oh... and by the way... I forgot to mention it... Barry was also having visions of Mercury's Helmet. So hopefully Jay can show up next month. 

This is fun. Seriously. I know it sounds super duper wacky when I explain it, but it really is super fun and it fits perfectly in the continuity... or I guess I should say, lack there of. The comic is chuck full of references and images. I geeked out when I saw a deactivated Skeets! Joshua Williamson is a fantastic writer and I'm already loving this story.

I just love how this looks.

I just love how this looks.

The art is great too. I may not like it as much as Batman #21 with Jason Fabok doing the pencils, but Howard Porter does have a distinct style that gives Batman and the Flashes' time travel scenes an almost cinematic feel. It's not completely consistent, but it's still fantastic.  

If you can still find Batman #21, pick it up with Flash #21 and get ready for next week, because this story is going to be... timeless.

Rating: 9.5/10 Green Lantern Pajamas