Video Game Review: Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels

I talked and written about my love affair with Forza Horizon 3 multiple times. Playground Games open world racer was the perfect blend of arcade, tuner, and simulation style racing. The moments it strayed in to the ridiculous (like hooning down a mountain racing a blimp or chasing a F-35 through city streets) were always the moments I had the most fun.

Microsoft and Playground Games decided to give us an entire new island with that level of insanity.

Turned up to 11.

I couldn't be more happy with it.

I play FH3 with my 4 year old son. Sometimes I give him a controller and let him copilot, sometimes he just sits on my lap and tells me what to do. We have collected about 350 real world cars ranging from Astras to Zondas. He knows what kind of engine should be in Porsche 911 Turbo 3.3 (flat 6) and will take off the snow tires when he wants daddy to drift into some drifts. 

He also owns about 300 Hot Wheels.

This is a match made in heaven! 

Like all new areas in Forza, your driver gets introduced to the new island by Amy and Warren and they immediately break the fourth wall by asking you to explain to the Hot Wheels guys how the "rewind technology" works. Everything is so tongue in cheek, you immediately accept that Chinooks carrying giant sections of orange plastic track over the ocean is a perfectly normal thing to see off the coast of Australia. 

You will enter childhood again by your first loopty loop.

You will be cheering alloud when you avoid the jaws of a giant robotic T-Rex.

That happens in the first 2 minutes of driving on the new island.  

There are of course new cars including some iconic Hot Wheels cars, but my son doesn't really care for "fake" cars and we immediately had to test a Maserati's stock tires traction of plastic. I normally only let him play with me a half an hour a day, but we lost track of time and an hour went by without my noticing. 

There are new songs too, and the radio station DJ's update their sometimes stale repertoire. So if you don't have your soundtrack down in Groove, you can listen to some great tracks no matter the genre (hint: Timeless FM is great for the classical music enthusiast or those who like 11 minute long "skill songs" instead of your normal 3 minute pop songs).

The island isn't nearly as huge as the mainland nor does it have the verticality of Blizzard Mountain (Though some tracks do go very high). The world isn't really the open world that you were used to in Australia either sense giant orange plastic tracks are the majority of the surfaces you will drive on (or fall off of). 

But, when you are shooting through the air off a jump a thousand feet up between sky scrapers doing 200 miles an hour... you will not care.

This DLC is super childish!

And that's the point.

Rating 9/10 Hoops of Fire



*FH3 Hot Wheels is a Microsoft Play anywhere game. It runs on Xbox One and PC.