#ObligatoryEmilyPost: MCU vs DCU

I've always been an equal opportunity fan.  I grew up religiously watching both X-Men and Batman: The Animated Series, always bought comics from both of the Big Two (and smaller publishers), wanted to equally be Rogue and Catwoman.  Maybe that makes me unique in that I don't have a a major preference: I make equal pterodactyl noises when big announcements come from either camp.

So, imagine me cocking my head like an adorably confused puppy when I see this on my timeline:

Now, this was shared in jest in a group I'm a part of, and it's certainly not the first time I've seen a jab at MCU or DCU on social media.  Granted, this particular piece is ridiculous in and of itself, because one amazing DC film is not going to negate the grand slam pattern Marvel has managed to maintain for the past decade or so.  But there's also this strange, underlying problem here that someone like me, who is a fan of both sides, can't quite wrap their head around.

Why, why in Odin's beard, would you want one side to fail?

The last twenty years has been so fun.  The massive trend of superhero movies sets the heart of my inner child aflame; do you know how badly my little self wanted to see the X-Men and Wonder Woman on the big screen?  Kids today are just living in a hayday of comic book immersion, the lucky little kaniggets.  Having the two big guns competing to put out as many movies as possible is just a gold mine for fans of all ages.

I want to see them both succeed.  I want Marvel and DC to keep one-upping each other, to keep making movies, whether they're masterpieces (whaddup Wonder Woman) or campy fun (lookin' at you, Suicide Squad and Deadpool, keep doin' you).  Wanting one side to fail (which is a thing, trust me, I've literally heard people say this) is just asking for less heroes for our kids, for us, and for future generations.  I want them to keep busting out so many movies that I can say I've seen five different Captain Americas in my lifetime, like I can say I have seen five Batmans.  Give me more debate fodder, because I will never get tired of defending Clooney Batman and I need more portrayals to defend to upset me friends with.

Give me more movies from either side.  Give me more movies from other publishers.  Give me all the supers, all the time.  And let them all kill it at the box office.

And please give us a new Rogue that isn't a whiny emo kid, for God's sakes, Marvel.