'Dark Nights: Metal' will melt your eyes as DC, Scott Snyder do a 'comics event' the right way

We have laid our eyes on the pages of "Dark Nights: Metal," and this book absolutely lives up to the months of hype from its creators, DC Comics and Scott Snyder himself. 

From the moment you open this book, you will feel how much time, effort, thought and love went into this from Snyder and Greg Capullo, who just so happens to get better (somehow) with each book he does. 

"Dark Nights: Metal" represents what comic events should be; fun, consequential, hints of juicy cross-title use and did I mention over-the-top metal fun. Scott Snyder told me that this was Greg and him going full "Elvis." Not to mention that DC is celebrating the OG of bonkers, over-the-top storytelling this month in Jack Kirby, and it all just comes together so beautifully. 

That's my favorite part coming out of "Dark Nights: Metal" and the direction this is heading, it's not about fixing a faulty storyline from the past, bringing someone back to life or killing someone off, it's about really fun storytelling, art and character traits that make me feel like I'm watching "Heavy Metal" or "Major Boobage," and venturing into new stories with old characters. 

Now isn't the time for storyline discussion or spoilers of any kind, as that will come Wednesday, but I will say I have read this book cover-to-cover and it is exactly what Scott and Greg have hyped it up to be. For those interested in a more spoilery-filled preview, head over to the Washington Post. 

For any comic readers who follow Scott or Greg, you know this book personally means a lot to them. The special thing about these two, is that you can feel the love and passion in what they're doing from the first couple of blood-soaked panels. 

Seriously, though, when you see Mongul with his head tipped back as he belts out an echoing evil laugh, you will know exactly what I mean. It took me to that "Heavy Metal" type of story intake mode as a reader, and that's exactly what I needed. 

Absolutely buy Dark Nights: Metal when it comes out as it's two of the top creative minds in recent memory coming together to do something they love and care about. Metal is going to be a sh*t ton of fun, so buckle up dreamers. This is how comic events should be done, and we hope DC will let more of these type of specials happen in the future ... especially if Scott and Greg are involved.