Comic Review: New Gods Special #1 is a solid start to DC's Jack Kirby month

New Gods Special #1 has that Jack Kirby kind of that explosive, over-the-top somewhat campy kind of feel to it as it focuses on the Michael Bay-inspired fight and relationship between Orion and Kalibak. 

There are tons of mentions of Darkseid, but no appearance, and also no appearance from Mister Miracle. But, look for that Wednesday, Aug. 9 from Court of Nerds favorites Tom King and Mitch Gerads. 

There are three stories in this $4.99 issue, with the first part being handled by Shane Davis. The other portions between the covers includes a short from Kirby himself and a young Orion story from Walt Simonson. 

New Gods Special #1 is one-part backstory, one-part Kirby Tribute and one-part intense and an over-the-top brother fight scene. It does a solid job of honoring Kirby, and that's pretty much what the goal this book set (probably) set out to accomplish. 

Shane Davis wrote and drew this story focused in on Orion, while Michelle Delecki handled colors and Alex Sinclair on letters. 

The story focuses on Orion, Foragers and Lightray as they attempt to foil Kalibak's plans to destroy the Foragers' planet in the hopes of impressing his father, Darkseid. As someone who has been in and out of comics for about a month or so thanks to responsibilities (yuck!), this was a simple dip back into things. 

It was on some of Kirby's characters I wasn't too well-versed in, personally, but the book was done in a way that made it simple to hop into these characters' stories. Orion was raised in a peaceful manner, while Kalibak, Darkseid's first-born, is focused on death and destruction in gaining their father's admiration. 

The only character I felt I connected with and developed feelings for was Orion, who we see take the inner-battle between his raised beliefs and his born-with tendencies come to a head when decisively beating down his monstrous brother. 

I feel that, that is what DC is trying to accomplish in honoring what would have been Kirby's 100th birthday. They are shining light on some of his beloved -- and possibly generationally forgotten characters -- in a fun and simple way for all levels of comic knowledge. 

This one is worth that $4.99 sticker, as is King and Gerads' Mister Miracle. 

Rating: 8/10 Orion punches to Darkseid's fragile masculinity