SPOILER FREE MOVIE REVIEW: Kingsman The Golden Circle

Sometimes, critics can't be trusted. I realize as I type that, I've just undermined my very purpose here. However it needs to be said. Sometimes, critics want certain things from a movie that many of us frankly don't care about. Such is the case with Kingsman: The Golden Circle, to be known henceforth as KTGC.

This is a fun movie, meant for entertainment. Its not meant to "change the way you think" or "alter how we watch movies forever". Its supposed to entertain and delight. KTGC thrills through almost it's entire 141 minute run time. You open BIG and the ante only gets upped from there.


Much of the cast from round 1 returns and some surprises are in store. Plus there are new characters galore and an entire new organization to get to know! Statesmen are the cousins of Kingsman on the American side, the previews tell us that. The discovery of that fact however is a lot of fun. Channing Tatum is delightful in a shockingly limited role as is Halle Berry. You almost want more from every single Statesmen in this movie, which is where my main criticism would lie.

The first Kingsman movie did something incredibly well: Developed characters while world building and exciting. This sequel builds a very cool world but seems to lack the depth of characters in favor of just...more characters. Not to say the film is poorly acted by any means! Only to say I wanted more from the characters and the script opted for more characters instead.


There were some stellar performances to be had here. Mark Strong is a scene stealer as always but even he is outdone by Elton John in a role that I never knew I needed to make my life complete. By GOD Elton John. Incredible. Taron Egerton could play Eggsy for the rest of his career and I would be really happy about it. He's developed a character you want to root for at every turn. Julianne Moore does well with a one note character. After a lackluster effort in the first film, I was surprised they brought back Edward Holcroft as Charlie but hey, he did alright.

OVERALL SCORE: 8/10 Poppy Burgers With Cheese

While it lacks some charm of the first, Kingsman: The Golden Circle is a fun flick to end summer with. Go shut your brain off for a few hours and watch shit blow up.