Comic Book Review: Murder Falcon #1

Sometimes, you see a teaser for a book and add it to your pull list based on just the elevator pitch and the cover.

Murder Falcon was one of those books for me and it is an amp smashing good time. This is a book that at times makes you think it’s just going to be a goofy, out there book about metal and murder…falcons. But it is a lot more bubbling just beneath the surface and is well worth your time and money.

Creator, artist, writer Daniel Warren Johnson gives us a great intro to his world of epic battles fought through music and our titular hero Murder Falcon. MF comes from somewhere called “The Heavy” and just that ALONE makes me want to know more about the background of this character. His partner on this Earthly coil is Jake, a semi-retired metal guitarist who everyone wants to hear more music from but a tragic event has silenced his axe. We get some really intriguing teases about Jake’s backstory too, hinting at lost love, lost success and lost desire.

Yes, THIS BOOK really deals with loss and feeling like you aren’t good enough.

Yes, THIS BOOK really deals with loss and feeling like you aren’t good enough.

You guys may have picked up from my reviews, I hate giving away specific plot points because I really want you to head to your local comic shop (mine is TARDY’S!) and BUY THIS BOOK. But one of the big themes throughout this first issue is Jake feeling like he can’t possibly save anyone. It tugs on the heart strings and plays minor chords on my emotions. Jake is absolutely the one on the hero’s path here and as someone who also struggles with not feeling like he is good enough to help or save people, this gave me a solid punch to the feels.


I feel like Jake’s journey is going to be the big focus but I am really interested in more on Murder Falcon’s background as well. Will Jake be able to summon OTHER creatures from The Heavy? Why did Murder Falcon pick Jake? What causes Murder Falcon to want to save Earth and fight these monsters with the power of RIGHTEOUS METAL?!?!

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FINAL RATING: 9/10 Babies Not Getting Eaten On My Watch

Murder Falcon is a series with a ton promise, kick ass art and a really original concept. It’s staying on my pull list and I suggest it makes it to yours.