OGN Review: My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies

What can't Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips do these days? The award winning creative team has been on a hot streak unlike any other and their first original graphic novel (OGN) shows these 2 are still on fire. 

Image via Image Comics

Image via Image Comics

The duo that brought us Kill Or Be Killed, Fatale and Criminal released the OGN My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies in early October. Joining Brubaker's writing and Phillips' art are the colors of Jacob Phillips. Jacob is Sean's son and man is this a talented as hell family. The colors in this book are absolutely breathtaking. I knew I would enjoy the art and story, Brubaker and Phillips don't miss (more on that later). But the absolute brilliant work with the colors makes this book sing. My Heroes would be a great book in black and white. It's another level of incredible with Jacob's colors. A great eye to be sure. 



Moving on. 

Ellie is our lead for this dance down the narrative aisle and she is an excellent focal point. Her story is both tragic and relatable. Criminal parents led to her obsession with those tormented by addiction, especially those whose addiction leads to great art. Ellie is a much older soul, which we see reflected in Skip. Skip is her rehab hook up or at least that is what we're initially led to believe. 

Brubaker weaves yet another masterful twist into this story. Just when you think you know what's going on, there is a swerve that changes the game. I honestly thought I knew where the story was turning and was almost instantly proven wrong.  


Phillips (the Sean variety) is just a rockstar on art. The emotions, the scenery, it's all just perfect. Phillips has consistently turned out top quality work for years now and this is no different. I'm just fascinated with the father and son art team on this book. A very cool story within the story. 

And again, the story is what it's all about here. This is the first OGN from the pair and I dare say a rousing success. They tell a tight tale with plenty of twists and turns to keep you interested. Throw in the incredible amount of stories of junkies that Ellie tells us, this book had everything I look for. Also, it's fun to not have to wait for the story to end!  

FINAL RATING: 10/10 Bad Influences 

Props are also due to Image as this book is a beautiful hardcover. Great value and incredible storytelling as always from Brubaker and Phillips. Add in brilliant colors from the younger Phillips and you have a story with beauty and feeling. Really enjoyed and look forward to more!!