Comic Book Review: Immortal Hulk #8

One of Marvel’s top two books (the other, in my opinion, being Venom), the Immortal Hulk continues it’s horrifying mission with an issue that stands on par with any terrifying monster movie.  

When we last left our jade giant, his POV was 180 degrees different, as his head was in a large jar, surrounded by every part of him that had been disassembled, dissected, and stored. The scene was a nightmare visualized: Hulk organs and extremities all separate, while his head, removed from its vocal cords, couldn’t even scream.

immortal hulk 8   Google Search.png

This issue sees a shadowy doctor asking questions the readers themselves have been wondering, like how the hell Hulk still lives and schemes while he’s occupying a legion of gross glass jars. We see the logic-defying capabilities of the Hulk’s heart, which turns from red to green with the passing of daylight, how it beats with proximity to the emerald monster, and how it can even reassemble itself. It’s extremely fascinating to see how thorough Marvel’s crown jewel Al Ewing has approached this new iteration of the Hulk, and how much he’s willing to walk readers through the horrible experiments.

Joe Bennett, to my estimation, continues his work as one of the best Hulk artists ever – his version is as unique as it is scary. The maniacal smile, the sheer joy of being a being of rage and vengeance… it’s haunting. I can’t help but feel a chill when I see the Hulk’s tiny yellow eyes widened underneath his mammoth brow, displaying a quiet frenzy of malicious intent.

We also get to check back up with Carol Danvers and crew as they assess that just maybe the Hulk is being held out of Alpha Flight’s view for a reason. Carol plays the part of a frustrated soldier, giving anonymous quotes to the press and creating a team specifically to find and deal with the Devil Hulk. It’s a nice hint of things to come, especially with a teaser at the end of the issue that features an old foe aching for revenge.  


This is quite possibly the best book Marvel is publishing right now, a book that beckons a strong emotional response from the reader. Ewing is doing work on par with some of the most powerful and innovative runs on the character, like Mark Waid and Bruce Jones, while Bennett is doing some Bernie Wrightson-level shit (there’s a particularly gruesome scene towards the end where the Hulk decides he’s had enough science time…). And Alex Ross covers? C’mon, just hop on the Hulk train if you haven’t already – it’s is 100% worth every penny.


9 out of 10 Creepy Hulk Teeth