Comic Book Review: Martian Manhunter #1


Oh my GOD this book!!! Anything Riley Rossmo touches pops right off the page. His art is vibrant and unique and it captures the energy of Steve Orlando’s words perfectly. What an insane launch to a new title and what a great way to bring me a new story from an old character. The duo behind this relaunch really set the bar high in issue #1 and give you plenty of reasons to want to come back for more.


Steve Orlando does not pull any punches on the weird here. You ever wondered what a Martian sex scene looks like? YOU’RE GONNA FIND OUT LITTLE TIMMY. Ever wonder why J’onn gravitated towards being an Earth cop? THAT ANSWER IS LESS DISTURBING THAN THE MARTIAN SEX.


One of the interesting twists Orlando throws in here, Martian sex aside, is that J’onn FEELS every crime scene. These things are personal to him. His Martian instincts act as almost a hyper empathy and he becomes instantly invested in solving every crime. The ability to record his personal memory induction log, which we first see on Earth and then hear more about on Mars, is intriguing as is the ability to read the emotional residue of a room. Orlando seems to have a very unique perspective on the Martian out here huntin them men.

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Can we just gush about Riley Rossmo for a minute here? Every time I hear Riley is going to be working on a book, it INSTANTLY lands on my pull list. No hesitation. Martian Manhunter does not let me down in that regard. Every panel pops off the page, catches your eye and moves you forward in the story. Also he drew Martian sex. Frigging wild.

FINAL RATING: 10/10 Fear Foams  

Steve Orlando and Riley Rossmo deliver in full on this opening salvo. The book is as fun as it is gorgeous and this angle on J'onn is intriguing as all hell. Buy this. Now.