Comic Review: All New Superman #20

It's been almost two years sense I originally reviewed the debut issue of New Superman. I have not bought a single issue sense. The more time passed, the more I soured on the idea of what was quite literally a "knock-off" Justice League. At first it felt tongue in cheek, but as time went by it just felt... wrong. I've seen some New Superman crossover, and I didn't hate it... so who knows. Maybe they have righted the ship?

Having Matt Santorelli replace Gene Luen Yang on story is a good way to start. I kinda love everything he does. Maybe it will be better this time?

evidently I had too high of hopes 

evidently I had too high of hopes 

So Kenan, New Superman of China, is trying to find some sort of Taoist balance through meditation. Suppressing his desires and trying to be more even keel. Batman of China and Wonder Woman of China (I will type "of China" every time as punishment) are on a date when they run into trouble with a super villian. The Green Lantern Corp of China has had a penchant for shutting down their superheroing, however. After the Justice League of China took down Sleez the Green Lantern League of China (are you annoyed yet) tries to arrest them. They manage to get away even if there was some mid battle hanky panky. 


Cut to North Korea. Santorelli seems to be show casing how much a nightmare living in North Korea is. A young man who likes to watch the Simpsons and draw cartoons in class was just arrested for owning a modified television so he can watch imperialist propaganda. Turns out that this kid is a meta-human. A giant crab comes out of one of the puddles of water that the kid sweats, and kills the North Korean guards. 


After the Justice League of China escapes from the Green Lantern Corp of China, they head back to the Justice League of China's HQ, which they oddly don't call the "Hall of Justice of China" or the "Watchtower of China." There, they find out that a disturbance in brewing on the boarder of North Korea and China. Two giant Crabs with a man riding one of them is trying to cross the boarder. 

And that's the story folks.

Now Brent Peeples art is fabulous. He's got panels with some great detail, he's got some terrific action scenes, he's got two teenage superheroes making out... he's shown all of talent along with Hi-Fi's terrific coloring. I have no real problem with the art of this book. It is great.

 But the writing... Ugh... I understand Matt Santorelli is trying to inject some new life into some very one dimensional characters, but it's just not working. There are interesting things that are going on, like Kong Kenan's internal struggle with emotions and the effects they have with his powers. But the angsty, teenage, rom-com, bullshit isn't compelling. It's annoying. Couple that with a continuation of the "of China" after everything, and I start to get angry.

The North Korea bit was interesting though.

Anywho, maybe I'll check in on this comic later in another 20 issues, if it makes it that long, and see if they got a Plastic Man of China or a Booster Gold of China. Until then, I'm just whelmed.