'Black Panther' ushers in a new beautiful, fascinating era to the MCU and just might be its coolest film to date

"Black Panther" takes everything the Marvel Cinematic Universe has built over the course of the past decade and takes it to an all-new dripping with cool level. From the mind-boggling tech and cinematography to the depth of the plot and the hero himself,  Ryan Coogler might have created Marvel's most well-rounded and impressive film. 

This review will not contain any plot or character spoilers. 

What impressed me most about "Black Panther," was how completely engulfed in every aspect of this story I was. From the classic origin story opening to the extremely satisfying and heartfelt end, I was into absolutely everything about it.

Chadwick Boseman's Black Panther/T'Challa takes the MCU hero to new levels with so much more depth, open-mindedness, intelligence and heart than any of the other Avengers. He admits when he or his people are wrong, he fights for what is right and you connect with his emotions on a level otherwise not felt in this genre. His character mixes traditional ritual scenes and high-tech fight scenes through Korea on a Lexus seamlessly and never feels out of place. 

Everything that needs to be explained and demonstrated is done so very early on, which is oh so satisfying especially when considering those new to the character and franchise. 

Boseman's supporting cast was filled from top to bottom with breakthrough or stellar performances.

Michael B. Jordan steals just about every scene he's in as Erik Killmonger between the change of pace soundtrack every time his character enters a room to the brilliant, emotional and relatable backstory, he killed it. Lupita Nyong'o's Nakia has amazing chemistry with Boseman as she exudes badassery, intelligence, heart and commitment in just about everything she does. The same could be said for Dania Guira's Okoye who is 100 percent believable in being Wakanda's best warrior and its most honorable citizen. 

On the breakout sides of things, Winston Duke might have cemented himself a very important role in future films in the MCU and Black Panther franchise for his amazing efforts in bringing a new M'Baku to the screen. He is brooding, terrifying hilarious and has this calm, cool and collected swagger to him that makes the new take on the character work. 

For those not in the know, M-Baku is actually Man-Ape between the pages and is one of T'Challa's fiercest enemies. The filmmakers decided to create a new, modern version of the character rather than the book-based route. 

Martin Freeman and Andy Serkis do fantastic jobs as the comedic relief at times with the menacing Klaw (Serkis) and "definitely grows on you" Everett K. Ross. Don't get me started on Letitia Wright's Shuri, because I am in love. All-around impressive, breakout performance from this brilliantly put together cast.

I checked "Black Panther" out in IMAX 3D, which turned out to be a genius move as this movie was like landscape/color/depth porn for the eye. The cast is absolutely stunning, the lighting takes my breath away just sitting back and thinking of the purple and the sunset here at home an hour after the movie ended. 

"Black Panther" has something to satisfy just about every viewer. For the comic book nerds, it presents a movie that makes you think "when can I see that again" the moment you step out of the theater. There are changes to the book-based story, but that's OK, because everything worked and turned out for the better. 

For the typical movie-goer, it has a gripping story, deep characters, insane action scenes, unimaginable tech and ... that cast. "Black Panther" is Star Wars meets Marvel meets every deep, character-driven piece out there. 

Blown away by this movie. 

Go see this movie this weekend. Stop at Tom + Chee Grandville first and eat some nom noms on the way if you're on the west side of Michigan. If you're anywhere else ... find some ramen.