Marvel's "Fresh Start"

Marvel has announced a new direction for the publishing line, citing the tagline “Fresh Start,” with new creative teams, new directions, new beginnings, and new series.

...Y’know, like they did with “Make Mine Marvel,” or “Marvel Now,” or “All New All Different,” or “Legacy.”

They’ve released a trailer with the press release:

Along with this promotional image:


A couple things to note here. First, there’s the Thing but no other FF members. I’m hoping that that choice is similar to how Jean Grey and Gambit are representatives of the X-Men line, and that the rest of the First Family will be returning in their own self-titled book.

Also, both Hulks, Bruce Banner and She-Hulk, look to be back to their more traditional selves, which I’m thrilled about. I thought that Mariko Tamaki’s take on She-Hulk, the one dealing with emotional trauma and recovery, was a fascinating storyline and direction for the character, but it only makes sense for that to have a finite ending – especially if ol’ Brucey is coming back (which is being teased quite heavily in the Avengers line).

We also see a golden-armed Thor Odinson, which will be pleasing to a slew of longtime fans, wielding a large, golden hammer (which may or may not be Mjolnir). Also of note is that Venom is one of the characters featured in this image, but whether this is to take advantage of his solo flick or to push him into a more prominent role in the publishing world is unknown.

Most importantly, there’s only one Wolverine here, and it’s OG Wolverine! I’m glad to see Marvel managed to focus on one iteration of the character here, and I’m pleased as punch to see it as the original one. One can only (hopefully) assume that after the four four-issue miniseries we’ll see the resuming of Wolverine’s solo book.

It makes sense for Marvel to start releasing these types of new bits on the heels of Dan Slott leaving Amazing Spider-Man after issue 801, and we’re curious to see what the rest of this new direction will entail.