34 Days of WrestleMania: WrestleMania 27 remains really bad and tough to watch in one sitting

WrestleMania 27 from April 3, 2001, at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta with 71,617 in attendance 


Ho boy ... WrestleMania 27 is a very, very, very tough watch from start to finish seven years later. This show marked the first of three WrestleManias I sat out as I moved away from the product again for a 50-50 break from the product. 

I always hate looking back on those breaks in my pro wrestling fandom, but not this one, watching this WrestleMania from start to finish (and WrestleMania 29) made me feel like a very smart and logical thinker when it comes to what product is getting my eyeballs. 

The Rock hosted this show from Atlanta that saw John Cena in the main event taking on WWE Champion The Miz, Triple H and the Undertaker in a No Holds Barred match, Randy Orton vs CM Punk and nearly 30 minutes of Michael Cole vs Jerry Lawler with Stone Cold as the guest ref.

This show really sucked. 

Favorite moments and matches: Even though I hate the final 10 minutes and the logic presented behind the Undertaker vs Triple H, it still represents my favorite actual match on the card. These two old-timers beat the living hell out of each other and started strong, intense and fast, but then faded into a lay-down Triple H finisher fest until Undertaker caught him in Hell's Gate. This match, their second of three at WrestleMania, does not belong in the same ballpark as the match the two would have inside Hell in a Cell the next year. 

HHH hits Undertaker in the head with a steel chair, gets fined after the match and the hypocrisy of the boss' daughter's husband lives on stronger than ever.  I will give credit where it is due, and Triple H hit a damn-near-perfect Tombstone Piledriver that still makes me think back to *OH CRAP THAT COULD KILL THE STREAK*. There is some good stuff, but it's mostly two older guys laying on each other after the first fun 10 minutes. 


Outside of this match between two legends, I look at the Randy Orton and CM Punk match a solid go-round with a kick-ass RKO and finish but nothing deeper than that. It sucks that it took them this long to get back to Randy costing Punk the WHC a couple years prior, and it feels weird to have Randy go over. I'm a massive Punk fan, I will always admit that, but this is another instance of where I just don't understand WWE's thinking here. 


Cody Rhodes beat Rey Mysterio is a fun, oft-forgotten match with a smart finish where Cody hits Rey with his own knee brace before nailing the finish. Good heel stuff from an underrated and undervalued hand. I was pleased to see these two get a solid match with solid time, so at least they tried to let these two do something. 

Looking back on what Edge was able to do in his last career match before shockingly retiring the next night on Monday Night Raw makes me emotional as he still had that crowd behind him. I hate when a World title match opens the show and I hate when WWE wastes a Royal Rumble-winner storyline, both of those things happened here. 

ADR burst onto the scene the year prior, won the 40-man Royal Rumble and then lost to a retiring Edge in the opening match of WrestleMania. I just don't get the direction of the company at this point, it's clear the only thought-out deal was ROCK CENA ROCK CENA ROCK CENA? Everything else between the ropes and the bell is dogshit. 

Least favorite moments and matches: The fact that Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler got 14 minutes from bell to bell -- and much more than that in all -- is gross. The fact that this is King's WrestleMania match, kinda sucks because on paper he lost and on paper is what most remember. 

This match got nearly as much time as the main event and Orton-Punk match, more than Edge vs Del Rio for the WHC and just bogged down the show in painstaking fashion. It had a spot on the card and could have been entertaining, but the way it was done was just a killer. 

Speaking of killer, John Morrison, Snooki and Trish Stratus took on LayCool and Dolph Ziggler in a three-minute fart fest that resulted in a Jersey Shore piece of trash getting a pin at WrestleMania. I hate this show and era of WWE so damn much. 

In the main event, The Miz and John Cena people work a match that we've already seen take place on Raw a half-dozen times that turns into a near fall confusing Dusty restart classic with The Rock hitting Cena with his finisher to let Miz retain. The next month, Cena would beat Miz and Morrison in a Steel Cage match to win the title. I loved the pre-match vignette for The Miz, but this match and all the shenanigans is just not special. 

I can't believe that Big Show, Kane, Kofi and Santino taking on The Corre only got 92 seconds in the ring. F*** this era of WWE so hard. One minute, 32 seconds is about as much time as Kid Rock got to introduce himself. Do I really need to continue beating a dead horse? 

This show not only spit in the face of its wrestling fans but it wasn't entertaining at the same time. There is nothing special about this show because even its high spots like HHH-Undertaker aren't that high and just feel mistimed. 

Does it hold up: This show never held up in the first place and you're an idiot if you go back and watch this show. Let me be the only idiot who watches this show seven years later, I'd rather watch WrestleMania VII and IX on repeat for 24 hours than this one again.