Movie Review: Suicide Squad - Hell to Pay

It took me three attempts to fully watch this movie. The first attempt was the shortest: I only lasted through the first five minutes. It took me three days before I attempted again, and even then, I stopped leaving about thirty minutes left in an eighty-four minute movie. I finally bit the bullet (pun intended) and finished off the film. I think I now suffer from irritable bowel syndrome as a result.

It’s a shame. I have repeatedly praised the DC’s animated films. I look forward to each release; and while the previous Suicide Squad film wasn’t the best the studio has produced, I still enjoyed it and looked forward to this one.

Before I get to what turned me off about this movie, let me state what this movie had going for it. It has a tremendous voice cast. The characters are diverse and interesting. The story, while a bit kooky, is entertaining. The animation is excellent. So why did I find it so hard to finish.

Well, it is truly a grind-house action movie that seems to cross some lines for me. Focusing on exit wounds for extended periods of time; not once, twice, thrice, but four times along with the gray matter spatter bordered on snuff film territory. The movie revels in it. Now, I’m not prudish in the least, but it still felt over the top. Yet, if this was the only thing I had wrong with it, I might have given it a better review.

The voice acting was a bit phoned in at times. Christian Slater sounded as if he couldn’t be bothered to emote, and Billy Brown seemed to overly embrace the tortured soul aspect of his character dealing every line with earnest exasperation. Even Tara Strong’s excellent voice acting could get past the terrible lines Haley had to spout.

The pacing is also weird. It seems the director thought awkward silent scenes to be funny, when in fact they were cringe producing. Some scenes went on to long, and while I encourage some fair play in depictions of male and female sexuality, but some scenes just seemed like “fan service.”

In the end, if you can handle the hyper violence with depictions of gore and can ignore the constant hiccups in narrative, then you might like this movie. Enjoy. Just don’t invite me over to watch. I’ll just watch the first one again.

Rating: 4.5/10 Oozing Bullet Holes